Bangalore: the abode of luxury living and real estate investment for NRI’s

Bangalore, India has been a real investment giant since the start of the millennia. The real estate stalwarts of India had predicted a long time ago the growth of this city was going to experience. Huge real estate projects had already started in Bangalore by mid-2000s where the combined wealth of the giant developers of India as well as the NRI’s were invested in building the metropolitan that we can see today with our own eyes.

But the growth continues due to the continuous investment by the government of India in building the social, commercial and industrial infrastructure of the city as well as the entrepreneurial investments in creating one of the biggest IT hubs in India and one of the rapidly developing IT hubs in Asia. This growth has led to the further expansion of the city to 5 times its size than it was almost 2 decades ago.

Even today people continue to thwart towards the city in search of better prospects and jobs and the continuous cycle of meeting the need for new housing projects to accommodate these people migrating to the city continues. The increase in NRI investments in the city in real estate has been a phenomenon when accounted for it has been huge in terms of personal real estate investment as well as from a business pint of view. Due to this increasing demand from the national as well as international NRI community, there are a huge number of 2 bhk flat for sale in bangalore that can be seen coming up this year.

What do NRI’s need to remember before investing in upcoming projects in Bangalore?

Numerous developers have prepared some amazing upcoming projects in Bangalore in the real estate sector. There are numerous areas like that of Kanakapura Road where apartments and new townships could be seen mushrooming out in the past few years. Marathahalli is another area that used to be a village a few decades ago but has numerous upcoming projects in Bangalore which are going to come up there due to the boom of the IT hub as well as the development of the Outer Ring road.

Some very luxury upcoming projects in Bangalore are going to be built in Bannerghatta Road which is one of the prime locations within Bangalore.

There is a huge affordable luxury housing upcoming project in Bangalore known as the Bharatiya city in the Sarjapur Road which is located in the southeastern part of Bangalore.

Some other upcoming projects in Bangalore are also coming up at Mysore Road which is a great location for commute or commercial infrastructure within Bangalore.

Before choosing from the numerous upcoming projects in Bangalore every NRI real estate investor needs to remember some basic points before investing like:

  • Whether you want to live in the heart of the city of peace and tranquillity on the outskirts of the city has to be decided by you before investing in any upcoming projects in Bangalore.
  • You must check for all the amenities that you would require before investing in any upcoming projects in Bangalore.NRI’s should also decide before investing whether the property would be a personal investment or for the resale purpose for higher returns. So the budget and location should be based on that.
  • One should also remember if the property you are going to invest in is for personal use than will you shift before retirement or after retirement, as before retirement one usually thinks about commute but after retirement, one should go for properties which are further away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Why NRI’s should think about investing in Luxury Villas in Bangalore?

Numerous projects are ongoing in real estate to provide the increasing demand for luxury villas in Bangalore especially for the NRI investors who are opting for such housing options. Most of the NRI’s as well as corporate professionals, businessmen’s and super-rich individuals are opting for a life in high-end luxury villas in Bangalore. These villas have their benefits and are most suitable for NRI investors like us for the following reasons:

  • The luxury villas in Bangalore are being built to live up to the expectations of a certain lifestyle of the NRI and super-rich people living in Bangalore.
  • These luxury villasin Bangalore are available semi-furnished as well as furnished which reduces the stress of decorating.
  • The luxury villas in Bangalore are built in areas which have all advanced social and commercial infrastructure like schools, super-specialty hospitals, recreation centers, clubhouses, golf course, smart home, parks, and well-connected roads at the place to suit up to the lifestyle of people like NRI’s who are used to such facilities.
  • The luxury villas in Bangalore are mostly gated communities that provide ample space for privacy as well as security and socializing due to its township design.
  • The location and amenities of the luxury villas in Bangalore fetch a good return on investments and resale value.

All the upcoming projects in Bangalore which also includes the luxury villas in Bangalore are available for listing in one of the best real estate website that I have come across in recent times called This website has helped me to find the perfect property for me being an NRI while sitting in the comfort of my home in the USA. The website eliminates the need for a broker or personal hassle of enquiring with every developer or builder while searching for upcoming projects in Bangalore or luxury villas in Bangalore. Some of the amazing features of the website are:

  • It lists only RERA regulation-compliant properties for you who protect NRI’s like us from fraudulent developers and scammers.
  • The website lists properties like house for rent in hsr layout accordingto your pricing and features like the number of rooms or bathrooms, the face of direction of the home, location and more. will surely help you find the perfect home in Bangalore which would be according to your choices very easily through direct developers or owners while bypassing the middlemen or brokers.

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