Obesity has always been considered as a root disease or more commonly as a mother disease. By calling it a mother disease, one means that it further gives birth to other diseases. Obesity can cause different illnesses despite the age of the individual.

Moreover, it has also been diagnosed, that obesity during gestation not only causes problems and complications for the expecting mother’s body, but it also imposes threats to the developing baby’s health.

People usually find themselves in a perplexed and confused state when it comes to figuring out if they are obese or are slightly overweight. For this purpose, Body mass index is considered to be a sure consideration and a tool to help you know if you are overweight or on the ideal weight number. You can go for a BMI calculator to save time. To find more health calculators visit


Obesity is considered a disease in itself. Gone are the days when people used to take care of their bodies or switched to healthy eating only to look socially acceptable or to look good. People are much more concerned about the ongoing inside the body rather than on the outside and hence, it is convenient to say that the concern towards health and how obesity puts stress over the health is increasing day by day. People now consider working on their bodies to keep it in the best of health and to live a better quality of life.

Below, we have enlisted some dangerous health effects caused by obesity which you might not be aware of and the role obesity plays in the cause of those diseases.


1- Gastroesophageal Reflux diseases:

This disease is commonly known as GERD. In this condition, the secretions from the intestines or from the stomach tend to fall into the esophagus. The symptoms of these include the sensation of indigestion, vomiting, fullness, and coughing which starts during the night time.

Obesity has been linked to this disease. Moreover, this condition is becoming common day by day.


2- Heart diseases.

The most common disease which is caused by obesity is heart disease. Heart diseases are one of the most common causes of death. The percentage of deaths is increasing every year, especially in the USA.

Obese people face the issue of irregular heartbeat pattern. Obesity is known to increase the risk of heart diseases by a very high percentage.


3- Cancer of many types.

Many people do not know this, but obesity is also linked with the cause of cancers of many types. And more than causing cancers, they make the condition worst end up with death. Yes, obese people have a greater chance of death while they battle with cancer.

Some common types of cancers caused due to obesity are mentioned below.



-Breast cancer,

-Gallbladder cancer,

-Thyroid cancer,

-Kidney cancer and so many more of such types.


4- Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is a disease in which a person has memory issues or to be precise, it is the memory loss. Obesity increases the risk of hypertension along with diabetes. Both these increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as they affect a part of the brain.

Moreover, the obesity and diabetes cycle might be interlinked. For example, people might develop diabetes due to obesity or the vice versa, i.e. developing obesity due to a certain type of diabetes is also true.


5- Liver diseases.

The liver is a very important function of the body and any reluctance in health matters might make your liver suffer. Well, obesity tends to increase the chances of liver diseases as well. It is directly linked with non-alcoholic fatty liver. In this disease, liver function is highly impacted and it might even end up with a failure of the liver. In other conditions, it can also cause scarring of the liver along with cirrhosis.


6- Respiratory complications.

You might not have heard of this one commonly. But yes, obesity or overweight people face countless respiratory complications. How?

Obesity basically reduces lung capacity. Impact on the lung capacity means stress over the normal inhalation and exhalation processes. OSA or Obstructive sleep apnea might be the result. OSA is caused due to the excess of fat accumulation in the throat or any air passageway. This can lead to breathing difficulties during the sleep of an individual. This can be fatal as it might end up with heart failure.

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