How to Make your Garage Door Last Longer

Your garage door takes on a lot of wear over the course of several years. Many people use their garage doors every day. The door opens because of several different mechanical pieces that work together. Although cables, rollers, and pullies may seem like a simple system, little things can cause problems. Proper maintenance can make your garage door last longer.


All garage doors make noise when you open or close them. These sounds change with something is wrong, however. If you suddenly notice that your garage door is louder than usual, stop using it until you can get it evaluated. You may hear grinding, squealing, or rumbling. A garage door that becomes unbalanced on the track can be dangerous, as it can fall off. The motor can also have electrical problems or failure. If you hear odd noises, call for repair.


Your garage door needs to move smoothly back and forth on the rollers to open properly. You can hear noise or see the door vibrating if it is not moving well. Commit to greasing the rollers at least once a year. This helps avoid extra wear on several parts of the system.

Structural Damage

You may tap the garage door with your car by accident or your child may hit it with their bicycle. Little dents in the garage door may not seem very alarming at first. Notice that your garage door has several sections. Each of these needs to line up perfectly to go over the rollers properly. A dent, or a bent section throws off the balance.

The difference may be subtle at first, so you do not notice it. The section with the dent may not reach the roller properly or doesn’t reach it all as it worsens. The motor works extra to pull the extra weight with no help from the rollers. Over time, the motor can burn out and the dented section of your garage door can fall inward when you try to open the garage. It can also get stuck and cease to open or close.


Your garage door has a safety sensor that allows it to stop moving if a person is walking under it. You should check this regularly to make sure it still works. Simply set a brick or large rock under the garage door and try to close it. It should sense the brick and reopen by itself. This little routine check can save lives. If the safety mechanism is broken call for garage door service immediately.

Rust or Mold

Inspect your garage door regularly for rust or mold. Metal doors can rust with exposure rain or moisture in the air. Wooden doors can deteriorate if water seeps into them. Keep a fresh coat of paint and sealant on metal doors. Touch up areas where paint is damaged. Get your wooden doors stained or painted, then sealed. When your garage door deteriorates, the sections can cave in and mess up the balance of the mechanism. Rust and mold move quickly, warranting immediate attention.

There is no need to replace a garage door often if you take care of it properly but you can alsways check what is available on the market on Family Christian Doors. You must pay attention to signs that there is trouble, however. When you notice odd noises or damage, call for a repair from a professional. They can troubleshoot efficiently and get everything back in working order.

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