Brands that sell home products directly to consumers

Various options are available to provide the customers with great products of everyday products used at our home. Select from a wide range of mattresses, rugs, furniture, etc. available from different top-notch brands who are committed to providing great quality at competitive prices. The prices paid for the product will deliver great value for money as they guarantee to provide high standard comfort and products that are in style.

We have compiled a list of all renowned brands who offer home products of superior quality. Refer to some of the famous and good brands below and shop for the products of your choice. We have tried to cut down your efforts by helping you find everything you want for your home and whenever you want. 9×12 rugs cheap rates are offered, super comfortable mattresses in best deals, etc. are offered.

There are few brands who provide best trail periods to its customers and warranties are also offered on the products so that they can easily rely on the products and the services offered. Own space and turn that into a dream space similar to the one you have always imagined.

Refer to the list and know about some great brands available –

  1. Nectar – Nectar Sleep is the more specific name of the brand and they have some best selling products loved by their customers. Some of the products that pop the list are memory foam mattresses, rugs, etc. The mattresses offered are specifically designed to support sleeper of every kind as they provide a great level of firmness, comfort and coolness.
  2. Bundle – This furnitubrandrad tops the list of furniture brands available in the market and they have always delivered exceptional products with great quality to their customers. They create spaces that can bring people together. The sofas and loveseats, beanbags offered by the brand are very comfortable and seems like they always invite people to take a seat and relax. The memory foam bean bag filler sold by this brand is a big hit.
  3. Awara – Awara sleep is a popular eco-friendly brand that produces hybrid-mattress that are specially designed with GOLS- certified organic Dunlop latex and the cotton used in it is also organic and is GOLS-certified that will help you give good sleep every night.
  4. DreamCloud – The mattresses provided by this brand are luxury mattresses hybrid in nature, and the memory foam is specially crafted by natural latex. These pocketed coils present and it and the design will provide great comfort to the sleepers and you can have a good night sleep which is filled with dreams.
  5. Wovenly – This is a rugs brand and deals in the retail market. It offers a collection of rugs that are curated with great designs and are excellent in quality. The manufactured rugs possess traditional and modern styles and you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

Above-mentioned brands are all direct-to-consumer brand UK, which means that cater to clients directly and are the players of the retail market. Consumers can contact them directly if they are planning to buy home products.

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