Calculate your sleep cycle, and know when to sleep and wake -up

The sleep cycle can be defined as a process carried out by your brain when you are asleep. Even when you are asleep, your brain goes through several activities in different patterns. The patterns are generally based on muscle activities and eye movements. Scientists have noted the two activities carried out and have concluded two main sleep cycle categories such as the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM). To carry out the studies effectively, people were made to go through a sleep cycle calculator nap.

Duration of a sleep cycle

The natural sleep cycle of a human being lasts for 90 minutes and during this time our brain goes through five different stages.

  1. The brain starts to slow down and the person is trying to sleep by continuously drifting in and out.
  2. Movement of eyes stops slowly and the brain enters a relaxing mood. This period is known as light sleep before the person enters a deep sleep.
  3. Waves caused in the brain due to different thoughts slows down even more and the brain has started to prepare itself to enter deep stages of sleep.
  4. The fourth stage is the deepest stage of sleep and it is very important for a person to enter this stage so that he can enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  5. This stage is known as the rapid-eye-movement stage of sleep. The dreams occur at this point of time and it should be noted that if a person wakes up during this stage of their sleep then they will feel disoriented for all day long.

The mattress can be an important element that can help you have a great sleep. Comfortable mattresses give long hours of sleep and it is not easily disturbed in between. King size bed dimensions in cm are available for the convenience of the people to make a suitable choice.

Hours of sleep that is recommended

It is generally recommended to have a sleep of 8 minimum hours in a day to be able to relax and work properly. A typical night’s sleep consists of 5-6 sleep cycles and these cycles are different from each other and the time duration may also be different from one another. During the first sleep cycles, a person spends the majority of time in deep NREM sleep. While moving forward to the last sleep cycles a person spends more time having light REM sleep. During the last stages, the sleep is very light and is restored back to Stage 1 of the sleep cycle.

Mattress companies have also introduced an adjustable mattress base that would help people adjust the position of their bed according to their needs so that they can have a good time relaxing.

There are certain factors due to which sleep gets affected and a person is not able to get the required amount of sleep. These factors include environmental conditions, age, stress, pregnancy, etc. Amongst all age is the greatest responsible factor.

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