Cat-Cautious, Which Upholstery Fabrics Are Best For Pet Owners?

So you are ready to take the plunge and get your first pet. A cat, to be more specific.  Meow!  That is very exciting.  You have been lost in daydreams about endless cuddles, silly games with little plush toys, and general merriment having this furry companion dashing around your beautiful home.  Ah, yes, your beautiful home.

While the excitement of the new kitty is at the forefront of your brain, there is that voice in the back screaming “What about the beautiful house?!?  The furniture?!?”.  If maintaining a beautiful, stylish home and having a pet are things you want to have work in harmony, then I a have some good news for you.  There are indeed ways to have it all.  Read on for some hot tips on the best fabrics for humans and pets to live side by side.

For the Love of Leather

My hottest tip for the pet loving furniture enthusiast is leather upholstery.

The first thing that usually comes to mind when people think about indoor pets and furniture is fur and shedding.  While these are important aspects of pet owning, there are a lot of other ways pets can wreak havoc on furniture.

Things like your pet’s nails, claws, saliva and odor can add a lot of wear and tear to your furniture.  Oh and the dirt they drag in after rolling around in the yard doesn’t help either!  But don’t let the fact that your cat can’t stay hairless and squeaky clean deter you from adopting a sweet feline friend.

No material can completely withstand the wear and tear from an animal, however, some choices far out perform others in maintaining a good appearance.  As mentioned before, leather is the ultimate pet friendly upholstery. Leather can be wiped clean of fur and dirt, and is generally resistant to odor.  Distressed leather is a better option that a coated leather as claw marks or punctures can blend in with the design.  If a scratching post is near by, cats will often avoid the leather couch for a good claw session.


If you can’t get your hands on a high-quality distressed leather sofa, then the next best fabric is microfiber.   Microfiber ranges in textures from Ultrasuede, which resembles the feel of soft leather, to more traditional textures that resemble velvet, denim, chenille or twill. Microfiber is generally more affordable than leather, however may have to be replaced quicker than a leather couch.  The ultra fine fabrics in microfiber will allow cat’s nails to slide right past rather than fray like other fabrics.

Pet Protection

In addition to choosing the right fabric, there are other methods of protecting furniture.  If suitable to the fabric you choose, a scotchgard coating can help longevity of furniture.  In addition, a slip cover, throw blanket or large pillows on the couch can provide an alternative snuggle spot for your pet. And of course, a high-quality vacuum will get that hair right out of your life.  Pillows and blankets can be washed or replaced far easier than an entire couch.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks of maintain integrity of your furniture and having a pet friendly house have inspired you to head right to the pet shop.  Using these methods, plus some good old fashioned training of your pet, will ensure your furniture outlasts even the longest haired cats.  If you are really lucky, maybe you have had your eye on some beautiful leather and a new cat and you can get two new exciting things for your home!


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