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World’s Most Beautiful Old Libraries

The technology in the 21 century has done a huge transformation for the global human culture. We replaced the good old book reading for iPads and eBooks forgetting the real pleasure from holding a paper book while drinking hot tea in the cold winter days. The smell of the ink from the dusty pages of our favorite book.  The sound …

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Cecil The Lion Featured on Empire State Building Into Stunning Light Display

This video projection is first of its kind and the impressions of all who had seen this was spectacular, there was really a large crowds of spectators stopped in Manhattan intersections watching at the pictures of the building’s south side and taking photos of this amazing projection. This were eight-minute sessions that were repeated every 15 minutes from 21:00 to …

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What You Will Get For $ 1500 Monthly For Rent Around The World

Have you ever asked yourself how much you should give for a rent to leave in the other popular capital cities around the world. Do you know that If you have $1,500 to spend in New York or Boston,the only thing you could rent is a studio apartment. So maybe you think that this is not that what you have …

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This House Hidden Inside A Cliff Has The Most Incredible View From Inside

Casa Brutale this is the name of this wonderful architecture miracle inside the cliff. Architects, Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos, created an amazing and modern home into a gap on the side of a cliff, providing views that are both stunning and absolutely terrifying. This style is also know as brutalism in the architecture wording. Full with luxury …

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Build This Amazing Cozy Tiny Home For Under $6000

Nowadays tiny homes at some peaceful and relaxing places has become very popular. More people decide to downsize their lives. Maybe you will say that there is no place for nothing in tiny home but we will not agree with you. With the innovative designs and the creativity of the designer tiny homes has been built with all necessary things …

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