Unique And Weird Houses From All Around The World

Designers have really creative work to do and some of them look out of the box and come up with some unusual designs that are not to be seen much. You will be more than excited to see some pretty unique and weird houses they created and that people live in. Traditional homes are not fun anymore and once you see these cool houses, you would probably love to have one of your own. Each house is unique in its own way and tells a different story. Would you like your home to tell a story to the world? If yes, you will have to be bold and forget about the simple and basic designs. Scroll down and check out the Unique And Weird Houses From All Around The World. You will be more than excited to see them and share them with your friends, trust me!

Thin Flat House in Thurlow Square in London

This is the thinnest house in London. Can you imagine living here? This is one of the most popular optical illusions in London. This building in fact widens from its skinniest point and it’s in the shape of a triangle. Moreover, it’s quite a pricy piece of property and lots of people like to buy an apartment here.

weird houses for sale

Piano and Violin House in China

This house was built by a group of students at the Hefei University of Technology. It’s pretty amazing that you can access the piano building through an elevator in the violin building.

unique houses designs

Car House, Austria

The house car was originally a home and it was renovated in 2003, but later the owners opened a hotel and a bar in it. What’s interesting about this house is the fact that it’s eco-friendly. It has a technology that provides energy-efficient heating and insulation.

unique and creative houses

Dog House, Idaho, USA

This is a guest house which can provide you with bed and breakfast. It’s the world’s biggest beagle house ever.

cool houses

Seashell Shape Home, Mexico

This house was inspired by Nautilus. The giant seashell house is more than amazing and the colorful mosaics give the effect of a rainbow. I’m totally in love with this one. How about you?

coolest houses in the world

Stone House, Portugal

unique houses designs

The Steel House in Lubbock, Texas

Did you know that this house is made of 150 tons of blackened steel? USrprisignly. the interior is wooden and it resembles a tree trunk. Although the construction of this house took almost 35 years, it was never completed fully. There are still some gapping holes. Now, one neighbour is keeping the house alive by providing tours.

crazy looking homes

Hobbit House in Pembrokeshire, Wales

For this design, the architect was most certainly inspired by the Lord of the Rings. This is a super cozy home that looks astonishing.

 uncommon house

The Farnsworth House – Plano, Illinois

upside down house

Gue(Ho)st  in Delme, France

Does this house remind you of shaving foam? It seems like the architect had an accident with it! It’s super fun, isn’t it?

weird houses in the world

The Toilet House in Suwon, South Korea

Did someone say toilet house? Yes, that exists too! More than one million dollars were spent on this creation which was built to commemorate the World Toilet Association. How do you like the huge rooftop balcony?

weirdest houses

Beer Can House in Houston, Texas

Are you a beer lover? Can you believe that this house is decorated with 50000 beer cans? Other materials that are used in this building are stone, metal, concrete, and marble.

weird shaped houses

Upside Down House, Russia

strange house architecture

Have you seen other weird houses around the world? Share them in the comments below!

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