Marvelous Facts You Should Know About The Mysterious Pyramids Of Egypt

Pyramids are considered to be one of the biggest mystery to a man, because even in 2018, there are so many things and facts that man cannot discover when pyramids, their history and the way of their construction comes into question. There are a lot of mysterious details about the pyramids that aren’rt reveal by men yet. Below are some of the most interesting facts that men have already discover about these marvelous buildings.

The Guard of Khafre

The huge statue of Sphinx was build near the great pyramid around 45  years ago, with the purpose to guard the pyramid of Khafre at Giza. It has a body structure of a lion and a head of a pharaoh, and it is noted that the face of the Sphinx is much to the likeness of Pharaoh Kharfa. It is 241 feet long and is facing towards the rising sun.


The Intricate Tunnels

Inside the pyramids there is an intricate web of passages, shafts and chambers. These tunnels behold thousands of years of history and artifacts,  but although Egyptian authorities have excavated a lot of commodities, they are still not available to the common public, and stay a mystery.


More in Number Than You Think

Can you guess the real number of pyramids still standing on the earth? If you believe that the number of pyramids is closely to 5 or 10, or even 100, you are wrong. There are more than 5000 of pyramids still standing in Egypt to be a proof of a history existing for more than over 4500 years.


The Mystery Mortar

They say “Man fears time, time fears the pyramids”, and they are absolutely right. Pyramids are one of the oldest standing wonders on the Earth, thanks to the super adhesive mortar that was made to fix the stones in place. The combination of the ingredients that were used to create the mortar are still a mystery.


Stones that Weigh More Than Elephants

It is believed that slaves were tasked to build the enormous pyramids with stones that weight about 5-10 tons per piece, which were hoisted and laid one by one on top of each other. In a time without advances machinery, such a constructing process must have been unexplainably hard.


The Engineering Wonder

The pyramid of Giza, which was build 4500 years ago in Egypt, was the tallest building in the world for almost 3800 years, until the 19th century, when even higher building started to be build around the world.


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