Best Wedding Dresses From Best Designers

1. Alvina Valenta The Alvina bride possesses a distinct, refined elegance and a polished, modern femininity. With dramatic and figure-defining silhouettes and necklines, luxurious silks, French laces and intricate embroideries, Jessica Williams infuses gowns with glamorous glimpses of the past, while also looking forward. The resulting creations are modern, fresh gowns that are effortlessly chic, just like the brides who …

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It’s Inbal Dror day here on Bridal Musings! The Israeli designer’s sexy, figure hugging, skin baring, low back wedding dresses have set pulses racing all over the wedding world. These campaign images, shot in Rome, are some of the most glamourous. World Inside Pictures recommend sitting down or having a friend/fiance/family member on hand to catch you as swooning is …

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Amazing Wedding Dresses

Brides today can be as creative as they like when it comes to their gowns. Wedding dresses allow the bride to express her individuality and uniqueness. Of course, they still make formal wedding dresses but today you can find wedding gowns in a multitude of sizes, styles and designs.

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