Sophia Tolli 2014 Bridal Collection

From the designer: ” WEDDING DRESSES by Sophia Tolli, these bridal gowns provide both classic and couture designs including strapless ball gowns, A-line dresses, halters and slim skirts. Wedding dresses with Sophia’s signature draping and corset backs provide an impeccable fit. Sophia adds, “My collection has two distinct feelings: soft romanticism and traditional bridal drama. My signature style will always be gowns with an exceptional fit and cut.” So, this post is about how to choose proper wedding dress and inspirations from Sophia Tolli 2014 Bridal Collection.

To help you shine in full glory, we have listed everything you need to know when choosing your ideal wedding dress. Although the shapes, colors and materials of wedding dresses have changed throughout history, one thing has remained the same. Brides have always looked their best at weddings. Usualy they wear the most beautiful dresses they ever imagined. The property status of the bride’s family could be seen by the amount of material used for the wedding dress. The longer the wedding dress was and the more fluttering the sleeves were, the richer the bride was.

What kind of wedding dress should you choose according to your body shape?

The first thing you should pay attention to, when choosing a wedding dress is its cut. So that you don’t make a mistake right from the start, we will explain to you which cut best suits a particular body type.

Wedding dresses for short brides

For short brides, we recommend wedding dresses with moderate A-cuts. If you want your wedding dress to look longer, choose a type whose waistline begins above your natural waistline. Avoid bulky and heavy wedding dresses, because they can cause you a feeling of discomfort and make it difficult to have fun until the morning hours.

Wedding dresses for tall brides

The flat shape of the wedding dress suits tall girls the best. If you choose a wedding dress with an open back, you will additionally emphasize elegance and refinement.

Wedding dresses for brides with a fuller figure

For brides with a fuller figure are ideal wedding dresses that spread below the bust in the shape of the letter A. Also those whose length reaches the floor. Keep in mind the wedding dresses that are cut below the bust and those made of slightly stiffer material, such as satin. Also, pay attention to the width of the lower part of the dress so that a wedding dress that is too wide does not create the impression that you are heavier than it is.

Wedding dresses for pear-shaped brides

Brides with a pear-shaped body will be perfectly suited to an A-cut wedding dress. Such a model of a wedding dress follows the body line up to the waist, after which it slightly widens. By choosing such a wedding dress, you will cover wider hips, buttocks or legs and emphasize the lines of the upper body.

Wedding dresses for slender brides

Slender brides fit absolutely every model of wedding dress. But what we recommend is choosing a mermaid cut, because this type of wedding dress will further emphasize your femininity and enviable figure.

In order to choose yout ideal wedding dress, we present you Sophia Tolli 2014 Bridal Collection to inspire you. Enjoy!

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