Chalet Cyanella Paradisiacal resort in the French Alps

Vacation during the winter as by many imagine is enjoying winter sports and finding peace in the warm and comfortable interiors … Right place for such question below.
In fact, all those who have decided for vacation in the French Alps, Their  most common choice resort is  “Chalet Cyanella”. It is a lovely cottage located in Megeve and it contains five bedrooms designed by bo-design. This amazing cottage offers an inspiring collection of hot and interesting interiors in which visitors will surely enjoy during their vacation.

Large windows provide a wonderful overlooking  into  the whiteness of the environment, and the interior design was created so that will surround guests with the warm presence of luxurious details inside the open space.

What is particularly interesting is the fact that the pool quite easily turns into dance floor, and here is the complete Disco lighting.Besides the amazing and entertaining opportunities, cottage owns a gym, sauna, massage room, and there is a bar where guests can feel comfortable and enjoy in  the memories that they will forever carry with them after the winter holiday.

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