The Most Beautiful Railway Route in the Swiss Alps

World Inside Pictures today take you in a virtual Photo tour of a train journey in the Swiss Alps.This train journey takes you along one of the most beautiful railway routes in the world – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site – through the Bernina Pass to the exclusive resort of St Moritz it also passes mountains, bridges, tunnels – the passengers can enjoy gorgeous landscapes during the ride. Check out the photos bellow and enjoy !


albula-david-gubler-600x370 albula-Giorgio-Murbach-600x424 albula-Jan-Geerk-600x399 Andrea-Badrutt2-600x399 bernina-600x370 bernina-Daniela-Balgera-600x336 bernina-david-gubler-600x340 bernina-max-gallli-600x358 Christoph-Benz-600x399 Henrik-Petersen-600x398 Max-Galli-600x399 Severin-Lang-600x336 Untitled-85-600x369 Untitled-119-600x600 Untitled-133-600x418 Untitled-184-600x392 Untitled-195-600x392 Untitled-204-600x392source

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