Dealing With Leaving Things behind When You Move

Moving to a new city or country, one of the toughest things is to deal with leaving things behind. When we move, it is sometimes not practical or even possible to take everything we own and love with us. Sometimes moving certain things is just too expensive to be worth it. It may be simpler to donate or sell all your difficult to move possessions. However there are some belongings that carry a high sentimental value and they are irreplaceable for us. However before you make a decision, do consult your movers as professional moving services may just have a solution to help you out.

moving to a new city

However, there will always be things you will have to leave behind when you move because of any number of factors that make them more difficult to move. A few reasons that make certain items almost impossible to relocate are:

  • Low chances of survival. Some plants, and some pets can be very hard to move.
  • Large fragile structural art, or delicate glass stuff, plasma TVs etc. are fragile and it is not worth paying for shipping them if they are more likely to be delivered broken or damaged beyond repair.
  • Heavy weight. Objects that are extremely heavy and bulky are more likely to get damaged during transportation in addition to just being a nightmare to move.
  • Restrictions and legal requirements. If you want to move arms and ammunition, alcohol or certain food items to another country, you will need to fill out a lot of paperwork and get special permits.
  • Intangible sentimental value. Some of the things we hate leaving behind when we move are those that have more sentimental than material value, and or are things that just can’t be packed and taken with you.

Some of the more difficult or challenging things to leave behind when you relocate include:

Memories: Even though memories are forever in your heart and mind, but some memories are linked with places. For instance you cannot pack and take the fireplace you’ve shared your first kiss in front of, or the doorframe where you’ve marked your child’s height growth.

Your Business: Moving a business to a new city or country can be exceptionally challenging because you will be leaving your local clientele behind.

Your Reputation: Reputation and relationships that you build with people like co-workers, neighbours, and even the local coffee shop guy cannot be transferred to the new place you move to.

Your Favourite Hangouts: When you have lived in a place for some time, you develop preferences for places to hangout, go out for fun, sports clubs, gyms, dance studios, or whatever activities you find enjoyable. It might be difficult to let go of these comfortable places but hopefully you will be able to find similar places in your new locality as well.

Moving a well-established life is tough enough on its own, but in order for you to make your move successful, you should do your research and be prepared with pertinent information that will help you overcome any unexpected difficulties.

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