Discover 5 Important Tools to Diagnose Your Car

In today’s generation, vehicles are of advanced mechanical features and components connected through computerized networks of interactive car-self diagnostic tools. The systems are useful to the car as it helps to diagnose and to test problems with your vehicle. What tool do you use for testing? When are they used for complex diagnostics functions? Although many vehicles owner prefer the old car due to its simplicity where you would replace the parts and the vehicles work, the modern vehicles have powerful tools to perform the complex diagnostics function. There are various diagnostic tools available in the market, but you have to research more about each device before you purchase one. You can also check interesting free car diagnostic tips here. In the below article, we look at some of the modern computerized tools that will help you identify the problem so that you may get back on the road. It includes;

Obd2 scanner

It is a diagnostic system that allows the computers in trucks and cars to tell you the vehicle problem. They are for self-diagnostic and reporting purposes. Unlike their previous version of OBD-1 system, the Obd2 uses same communication protocols, code designations, and connectors for the cars made by major manufacturers from Alex Meyer 2018 review. This advancement has led to OBD-1 version being outdated in the market.

Airbag tester


Your vehicle might be experiencing non-functional airbag without you noticing unless you need it, remember it is not ideal whacking the bumper with a rubber mallet. The airbag tester tells you whether the electronic components of the airbag system are working or not without putting the safety device off thus a perfect tool to diagnose your vehicle.

Ignition/spark tester

It is a reliable tool if it comes to the spark plugs for the vehicle. If your car engine fails to start, it may be because there is no engine coming from the spark plug for the car engine to start. Ignition tester diagnoses the problem so that you do not end up handling something different that does not affect the engine.

Fuel pressure tester

Like the spark plug problem, a car may fail to start due to low fuel pressure. Without a diagnosis, you may end up handling the spark plug while it still works before you realize that the problem is due to low fuel pressure. A fuel pressure tester tells you how high or low your fuel is thus enabling you to handle the issue directly.

Emission analyzer

It is a requirement in most states that all vehicles should be checked for proper exhaust emissions before the car is allowed to run legally on the road. Although not all countries have the same requirement, it is good to have emissions adjusted and tested accordingly. Emission analyzers are inserted to the exhaust pipe to check the emissions. Also, they can be used to safety check engine tuning and other car repairs.


From the above article, they are some of the top essential tools that are essential in diagonalizing your car. Every car part performing different functions have its digital tools; they help to ease car repair methods to fix the affected parts directly.

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