Do Law Firms Need Landing Pages?

Landing pages have existed alongside main websites for several years and can be used to increase conversion rates for specific services. Unlike website homepages, landing pages are tailored to advertise specific offers and aim to guide visitors to a single call-to-action (CTA). Many businesses employ the use of a landing page to promote different products and services. However, is this method ideal for a law firm?

The benefits of landing pages for a law firm

Studies have shown that businesses using landing pages get up to 266% more lead than those relying on conventional website traffic alone. Landing pages are specialized pages created to push a single offer so they usually have one main goal. It could be to encourage visitors to sign up for a free service such as consultancy. You can also have a CTA that gets visitors to call your office. These are essentially standalone web pages designed to convert visitors into qualified leads. Some of the benefits your firm will enjoy from creating a landing page include;

  • Increase in number of qualified leads
  • Improved Brand image
  • Increased Brand awareness
  • Increased Online presence
  • Improved SEO
  • More conversions and inquiries about your service

A landing page will not only expose your business to more prospect clients, but also guides them to specific products and services. How to create a compelling landing page Although landing pages are very effective in increasing leads and conversions, they will be of little help if you do not create a compelling page. A lot goes into creating a landing page for whatever offer. Remember that landing pages basically advertise a service and must therefore be designed with your target client in mind. As a law firm, you need to identify the services to advertise on the landing page. You can always have several landing pages for different offers to avoid slamming everything into a single page. Here are some tips to help you design an attractive, high converting landing page for your law firm.

1. Target One Offer In A Page

Landing pages are designed for a specific offer or service. For instance, if you are a personal injury attorney, you can create a landing page that focuses solely on auto-accident injuries. Then you can create another for disability damages, medical malpractice, workplace injuries and so forth. Sticking to one offer allows you to exploit the problem clients are facing and present your solution in a convincing manner.

2. Use One Call-to-action (CTA) and Place It Above Everything Else

You should maintain one call-to-action for the landing page. Studies have shown that having multiple CTAs and options can actually make it difficult for people to make a decision. If you want visitors to call your office, then maintain a CTA towards that effect by mentioning it repeatedly. It should be conspicuous and unique from other texts or links. Make sure the CTA is carefully integrated into the message so it does not seem salesy. The priority is to demonstrate and advertise the value of your service.

3. Include Reviews And Testimonials

Most people are drawn towards firms that have social proof and good reputation. You need to include reviews and testimonials from other satisfied clients, especially when it comes to legal matters. Clients can travel miles to meet attorneys from reputable firms and those known to have great customer reviews. When adding social proof, include verifiable reviews instead of posting cooked up testimonials. Customers can read through the lines so it is recommendable to have real reviews from real clients who can be reached if need be.

4. Describe Your Service Immediately

Internet users have a very low attention span. Studies estimate the average attention span to be around 10 seconds so you need to shoot straight to the point from the word go. Describe what you are offering immediately to capture interested prospects. Most people only read the headlines to determine if they are interested. This means you chances rest in one sentence. You should use it to tell visitors what your offer is all about. Make it simple and straightforward to attract the ideal client for your services.

5. Define And Explain Your Unique Value

It is recommendable to emphasize on the value of your offer. To a law firm, value can be any form, including added information, a free case evaluation or other incentives such as flat fees and free consultancy. If you are a personal injury attorney for instance, provide some insights for your clients’ benefit. Jeffrey Preszler from says that long-term disability cases don’t always have someone at fault, and the focus of the court is on benefits for the victim instead of damages. In this example from Preszler Law, the attorney provides a helpful tip while expressing their expertise in the given field of law. This is what clients want to see as they hunt for expert representation for their case.

6. Add An Image And A Video

Visual representations are always appreciated in landing pages as they help the visitors conceptualize your services and value. Pages with videos and images perform better and get more leads than those with blocks of text. You can make a short video demonstrating your service or the path to your CTA and how clients can book appointments. You can also explain what goes on in your firm and how you work with different clients to help them win their cases. However, make sure the visual content is brief and straight to the point to avoid diverting attention.

7. Tailor The Message To Your Target Client

When designing a landing page for your law firm, make sure you are advertising to the ideal client and not a general demographic. Since landing pages are for a specific offer, your message should target a unique customer looking for that particular service. Exploit the problem and situation, how you will solve it and what the client can do to get help. Use personal pronouns and case studies to express your point. You can also include past cases you have won to further inspire trust in your firm’s capability.

Law firms can benefit greatly from creating landing pages for their services. These pages compliment the main website and may also include a link to the home page. The merits range from increased conversions (business) to brand awareness, better online presence and traffic to your business. When designing a landing page, make sure you maintain the brand image presented in other platforms, so visitors can still feel your presence. You can read through other successful landing pages for more tips and strategies. It is also possible to outsource such services. If it sounds overwhelming or time consuming, simply let professional digital marketers design your landing page.

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