Dog Bite Injury: What You Should Know

As the adage goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. While a dog might provide you with endless companionship, there are instances when it can snap and cause grievous harm. Many people have faced the wrath of a dog, and quite a number of them have been left to nurse bite injuries. Even though you should stay away from dogs, there are instances when you will find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Consequently, you might end up being a victim of a dog bite. This kind of injury can attract medical, financial, and legal ramifications. You should always be aware of the next course of action if you are nursing a dog bite. If you happen to be a victim of this incident, do not just walk away. Read on and learn some few tips.

Seek medical help

A dog bite is not any other kind of injury. Some bites might leave you with puncture wounds; hence, you should always seek medical help without any further delay. Perhaps the dog that has pierced you with its teeth has not been vaccinated against rabies. Such a scenario implies that you might be carrying an infectious injury. If need be, you should document the wound by taking several pictures before it is treated. These pictures will help to illustrate the extent of the injury.

Seek more information about the dog

Dog bites are not any different from car accidents. If you know that you’re not at fault, you should seek to know the owner or caretaker of the dog. Getting to know the custodian of the dog will enable you to reach out to them with a view of gathering information about the dog’s history. This information will provide you with a glimpse of whether the dog had been vaccinated.  Additionally, part of the information should include the name, address, and contact information of the owner or caretaker.

Look out for witnesses

If there is someone who can back up your story, the better. The testimony of a witness may be worthwhile if you intend to file for an insurance claim or a lawsuit. An account of the story from the part of the eye witness can help to bring out the accurate picture of the events that led to the unfortunate incident. 

Reporting the incident to the animal control agency

To avoid the occurrence of such an incident, you should report the matter to the nearest animal control agency. Not only will this agency investigate this matter to prevent future dog bites, but it will also help to strengthen your case.

Seek the expert opinion of a dog bite attorney

A dog bite injury is not a simple matter that can be wished away. An injury of this nature has the prospect of pushing the affected party to settle the matter using the available legal channels at their disposal. If that happens to be the case, it would be helpful if you seek the input of a dog bite attorney. A legal expert in this field has extensive experience of how you should go about the process of filing a lawsuit and insurance claim. If you qualify for compensation, the attorney will use his or her legal prowess to determine the highest possible amount you should receive.

The events that transpire after a dog has bitten you will help you get the necessary medical attention. Furthermore, if you opt to take the legal route, these events will determine the outcome of your lawsuit. A dog bite attorney will be at your service to ensure that your account of events carries the day. With credible evidence, a good attorney will swing the ruling in your favor.  

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