Exciting Things to Do in London

London is a city that is absolutely jam-packed with tourism opportunities, including things to do, things to see, and just a whole host of experiences that you largely can’t get anywhere else. Here are a few ideas.

Stone Henge

Stone Henge is one of the most famous ancient sites in the world. It’s a feat of engineering from thousands up on thousands of years ago, and it was recently discovered that the site is just a small part of a much larger area from the ancient peoples of London and their religious rites involving the positions of astral bodies. This is definitely one of those tourist attractions outside of London that is on many people’s “bucket lists” for a good reason.

Pub Crawl

Another interesting option is to enjoy a pub crawl in London . The pubs in London are among the most famous in the world. The only thing better than going to some of the famous pubs you’ve heard about from abroad is to go to a whole host of them in a pub crawl.

Hyde Park

Tourists go here for the perceived beauty of the place with its thick trees all around the water. You can row or do other kinds of boating here from the docks. The park is also likely the most famous in London, and there have been a number of movies that feature it prominently. There’s also some historical significance to the area considering there were protests there organized by suffragettes, women trying to get the right to vote in their country. The Speaker’s Corner in the park is still a frequent place for people to put on shows or launch protests.

Tower of London

Another unique experience to try out is to get a ticket to the Tower of London Entrance. This often includes getting to see the crown jewels as well. It’s a famous site and a best seller due to the huge amount of attention it garners. It’s likely this is one of the things that people are going to ask you about when you get out of the country and back home since it’s fairly iconic.

The London Eye

This is a huge Ferris wheel that is one of the biggest around. People go on it in order to get a view of just about all of London from the top. It was created originally in order to celebrate the turn of the new millennium. The recommendation is for people to go during the New Year since the whole thing is lit up and it’s right at the center of the fireworks party that happens there on New Year’s.

Bus Tours

Another attraction that people are often keen on seeing is the double-decker Big Bus tours you can get in London. You can pick between one, two or three-day tickets to go on different routes. You can get on or off these busses at 40 stops all around town. The thing that is advantageous about this particular approach is that you have some flexibility. There are four different routes, and you can jump on or off busses pretty much whenever you want. You also get a cruise and walking tour for the Thames River, if this is something that you wanted to try out as well.

Overall, whether you love museums, such as the one for Winston Churchill, or you love boating, visiting pubs, going on rides like the London Eye, or just anything else you can think of, chances are good that you’ll be able to find something for you in London.

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