Beautify Your Garden With Cinder Block Raised Bed

Cinder blocks are one really amazing material – they are inexpensive, reliable and strong. The usage of this material can be a wide and they are very cool for DIY projects in yard or in house. They can be used for the simplest DIY projects as well as for making some more special around your house. If you are thinking of installing raised beds in the garden but you’re not sure how to build the beds from lumber, the cinder block raised bed can be a super alternative. It will stay longer then lumber. We think that it is also easier to be made, just stack them in any shape you want, fill with dirt, and plant.

For centuries, the brick and cinder blocks used in construction is experiencing a real renaissance. Instead of hiding it under plaster and painting the walls, we are ready to treat it as a decorative element of the interior and exterior. At the same time we notice its wonderful properties. It allows the walls to “breathe”, introduces a healthy microclimate, and muffles sounds. It also maintains a constant temperature in the building, separating the apartment from external conditions. We can multiply the positive properties of the cinder blocks.

Cinder Block Raised Bed

If you look at garden landscapes, you will notice the use of cinder blocks in different ways. Mostly, they are used for paving roads and paths. They also look good if they are used as details for fountains, steps, etc. In many gardens you can see different types of brick arrangements. They can inspire you and give you ideas on what you can do with your own garden.

Lay the cinder blocks with the open sides up, you can fill them with dirt to keep them in place. Then plant them with border plants and the result will be amazing. But you can also leave a couple of spots open and you will get nice look. Also you can fill the double high beds with wood. The wood absorbs a lot of rain water and releases it back to the soil over time, thereby reducing the amount of irrigation needed. In the tutorial below you could see how easy is to make an amazing raised bed garden out of cinder blocks also look at the pictures to see some different designed shapes and gardens to grab some ideas and inspirations. Enjoy!



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