Harmful Everyday Habits You Must Stop Practicing Immediately

Do you enjoy starting the day with a cup of coffee? Or do you love watching your favorite movie with a bucket of popcorn in your hands? And have you ever though that these seemly harmless habits can be very dangerous for you and your health? It is believed that one needs 21 days to form a habit, but it takes longer to get of a habit that is already formed? The good is that you can always get rid of bad habits. And these habits are really bad as they can be harmful for you and your environment. Below we present you five everyday habits that are very dangerous and you must try to get rid of immediately.

1. Don’t put your feet up on the dashboard

Do you have the habit to sit with your feet up on the dashboard of the car while sitting on the front seat in the car? If yes, forget it immediately. It may be comfortable, but it can also be very dangerous. In a case of car accident, it can be really dangerous as this position is very horrible for such a break, because the body is in a position keener to bone fractures. If the car suddenly breaks or stops your face can hit your keen, that way producing serious fractures that will need a long period to recover. So, if you are still sitting in this position stop right now.


2. Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach

Do you start your morning with a cup of coffee like the most of the world population does? You may be doing this without even knowing all the downsides it has. Drinking coffee in the morning can have a lot of positive effects too, but believe us the downsides are more numerous. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause heartburn and digestion problems. In the morning when your stomach is empty and you are feeling hungry, the stomach starts to release gastric acid which can lead to damages over the stomach lining. So, forget drinking coffee on empty stomach, and instead, drink your first coffee after the breakfast of in the middle of the day.


3. Don’t eat popcorn

Do you enjoy sitting in front of the TV, watching your favorite movies and eating a bucket of salty and savory popcorn? It is a tradition we all respect no matter if we are watching TV at home or in the cinema. But, did you know that eating popcorns can be a very harmful for your teeth? Yes, you are reading well. Popcorn can damage your teeth because of those small particles of popcorn that get stuck between your teeth and you can’t get rid of even after washing well your teeth. So, if you want to keep your smile shining and your teeth sane forget the popcorn bucket the next time you sit in front of the TV.


4. Don’t pop pimples

We all know the much we hate those horrible pimples on the face. But, popping them is not even an option if you want to keep your face skin well. The pimple emerges when a pore is clogged with excess oil and it means that the inflammation process is about to begin. In that case the healthy body is sending white blood cells to fight against harmful bacteria. When you pop the pimple, the walls of the pore get damaged and the area becomes more susceptible to bacteria. There is another risk when popping a pimple. If your hands are dirty when popping a pimple, you can infect the skin and in such a case it is better to visit a dermatologist.


5. Don’t put a charging phone under a pillow

Do you have the habit to charge your phone during nights putting it near to you when sleeping? Do you sometimes even cover it with the pillow? That is very wrong and you must stop doing it immediately. Charging a smart phone under a pillow can increase the temperature of the phone that way causing fire. If you are charging your phone while put under the pillow you can get hurt too. So, listen to the warns of Newton NH Fire Department and never charge your phone under the pillow again.


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