Latest Furniture Trends in Christchurch

Are you furnishing or redesigning your home? Well, this article is for you. When it comes to designing the perfect home, furniture can make or break the space. Thus, picking the right trendy pieces can powerfully increase your home aesthetic.

In Christchurch, you’ll find stores offering every single style perfect for New Zealand homes in one place. There is a wide variety of furniture in Christchurch; from well-designed, ready-made, to customized furniture. You’ll be sure to find something that fits your budget and style. To help you pick the trendiest furniture, we have gathered the latest trends that you’ll definitely find in Christchurch:

●     The Soothing Curves Are Taking over

Most furniture designers have turned their backs on severe angles and sharp edges. They are introducing curvy chairs and sofas in a minimalistic manner and of smooth and subtle designs. Those designs will embrace a relaxed and warm mood in your house.

When shopping, select minimal, curved designs that will guarantee a timeless appeal in your home. Try not to choose overdone curves, as it will look too busy and out-date your home design before you know it.

●     The Luxury Classic Designs Returns

No more minimalist modern frames, the classic Wingback chairs, and bed headboards are back. Furniture trends are calling for more luxuries, dramatic curves, most comfortable upholstery, and coziness. To set your furniture to high-end, go for a velvet upholstery it is luxurious, plush, and bold.

●     More Natural Connections

Since clients have been continuously requesting natural, sustainable wood in their houses, this trend became so popular. Because of that, it came as no surprise that new trends have broadened to all-natural materials look, like untreated wood, natural stone and natural fabrics. The use of natural materials will instantly add a human touch and inviting feeling to your home.

Furthermore, with the topic of sustainability rising, Reclaimed Wood has been seen frequently in interior design. To use it in a perfectly modern and timeworn mix, designers pair it with an ultra-modern metal base or velvet upholstery. This turns it from a piece of furniture to a sustainable design statement.

●     The Modern Old Feel

In the past couple of years, we have seen Mid-Century modern trending on top of all furniture styles. Its smooth lines, warm wood finishes, creative manufacturing, and interesting designed legs are all still trendy. Yet adding to those features, bold colors of green, striking red and zesty orange will refresh and modernize your home look. You can choose one furniture piece to be in a bold color, and make a stunning retro room.

Also, Art-Deco furniture is coming back to many stores. Elements like glass, metal, dark finishes, symmetrical patterns and metallics are found most often. You can use them in obvious or subtle way, whichever suits your style.

●     The Blush Tones are the New Neutrals

In place of neutral colors: beige, white and black; blush tones and makeup tones are taking over. They are fun and unexpected. Pairing them with gray and whites will soften your furniture mood.

Having comfortable and close to nature interior is what everyone is looking for nowadays, and you can easily find them in Christchurch, New Zealand. Get bold and don’t be afraid of adding bold colors or keeping things neutrals with the new blush palettes.

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