Helpful Smart Tips To Avoid Touching Your Face During Corona Virus Epidemic

As the corona virus spreading is increasing form moment to moment, and there are thousands of new infected daily, the attention to the whole world has been directed to the new situation the world is facing with –The COVID-19 epidemic. Governments, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease and Prevention, doctors… have presented a set of measures to decrease the further spreading of the corona virus. They all recommend the citizens to stay home, to work from home, to avoid contact with other people… The COVID-19 is mainly spread from person-to-person contact or through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. When the respiratory droplets land on hard surface or on your hands there is a big the risk for you to get infected. That is why the main recommendation is to wash frequently your hands and to avoid touching your face, nose, mouth, eyes… We all know that stop touching the face can be very difficult to be done in practice, but here are some advises and smart tips by experts that will help you avoid touching your face fast.

Choose a competing behavior

Gail Saltz, M.D.,an associate professor of psychiatry at New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Weill-Cornell School of Medicine explains that one way to avoid some behavior ( such as touching your face) is to pick a competing behavior to do instead ( such as touching your arms, for example, every time you feel the urge to touch your face ). This is a therapy psychiatrists often use to help patients focus on acceptable counter-behaviors when they need to break an unhealthy habit.

Don’t try to ignore the urge

Trying to repress the urge to touch your face is not helping in stopping doing it, contrary, if you try to avoid it by mentally struggling with the urge, you will only produce the urge to be even much worse than it firstly was. So, the best to do is to practice your competing behavior.


Keep your hands busy

Touching physically something else is also one of the very helping methods to avoid touching your face. Distracting yourself with touching something else and keeping your hands busy is a good way to replace the habit of touching your face. Stress balls are one great option to hold in your hands and touch when you want to avoid the urge of touching your face and keeping them far off your face.

Try to limit use of contact lenses

This may be too difficult to practice too, but it is recommended to all people having some eyes diseases to switch the use of contact lenses with glasses, that way avoiding to have to touch their eyes, as they must do when inserting the contact lenses. So, to all contact lenses wearers, avoid wearing them during the corona virus epidemic and wear your glasses instead.

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