Helping Back To Work Advises You Have To Follow Now When You Are Back To Work Again

Because of the coronavirus crisis a lot of employees had to stay at home and not going to work, or had to work from home. But now when the crisis is about to finish and governments are loosening the social distancing measures, more and more employees are turning back to work. Coming back to work after you were out of the office for a chunk of time can be a little stressful. You may wonder what have been happening at the office since you weren’t there, if you still have the same connections with your coworkers and so many other questions. In order to keep the working atmosphere you used to have before you had to stay at home with the COVID-19 crisis we are sharing with you some helping back to work advises you have to follow now when you are back to work again.

Get Into A Steady Routine

The best to do is to get into a routine for getting to and from the office that you had before. Now when you are back to work, forget the sweats you used to wear when working from home, but wake up half an hour earlier and prepare for work or even plan your tomorrow’s outfit from the earlier night.

Take Breaks If Needed

Working from home has let you more space to take breaks, and you may feel exhausted if you work the whole day now when you are back to work. So, you may feel like you have to take more breaks during the day and it is totally fine. You can take several breaks at day until you come back to the working routine you had before.


Try Monotasking

Forget multitasking the first days you are back to work. Instead try “monotasking”, which means focusing on only one task at a time. Once you finish that task, take a small break and then start focusing on another new task.

Separate Non-Work Activities From Work Completely

When you are back to office again you will have to forget some activities you used to take during the “work from home routine”, such as online shopping between two meetings, an episode of your favorite TV series during the meal break etc.

Focus On Building Relationships

You are back to work and it is time to renew all those face-to-face interactions you have with your clients and coworkers before the coronavirus outbreak. Find time for more lunchtime and coffee break moments with them.

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