Helping Tips To Build Your Dreams DIY Summer House

Do you have a big garden and you feel like there is so much space in it that you haven’t used enough. If yes, here is an interesting way to use the free space in your garden. We recommend you the DIY a summer house project that will create you some extra space to spend the warm summer days in. But before you start the project, read these helping tips listed below.

Check about planning permission

Before you start constructing your garden summer house, first check out with the local authority if there will or won’t be any problems to construct it. In the most cases a summer house is not running into planning permission problems, but to be sure there won’t be some of them, it is better to first check it out. The problem may appear if the house is too big and too close to the other neighbor’s properties. The best is to get the permission before you start the project, than afterwards, so start planning all the needed procedures on time, as getting the permission (if needed) may last for about 4 to 6 weeks.

Choose your building material

Choosing the material is also an important thing to do when building a house. When choosing the right materials consider two important factors in mind, the quality and the price. You should think about the materials you will use to construct the summer house, and you can use timber frames and kits, for example, which are considered to be very popular nowadays. The best about them is that you don’t need to measure everything from the beginning and plan the needed quantity, because you can order the kits any time. You can use wood cladding, which are considered to be so easy to maintain latter. Also choose quality materials for the roof. Experts recommend thick roofing felt or multiple layers.


Get the right foundation

The foundation is the crucial key to any structure, including the summer house too. That is why you should think wisely before you choose the place where you are going to construct the summer house. If you don’t want some extra work then choose a flat base, or if you are not worried about giving some extra hours in working, then you can work a bit to get the flat base you need for the construction.

Finishing touches

After considering the essentials such as the foundation, the materials and the frame, it is time to start thinking about the finishing touches such as the windows, the doors and all the other details that will make the whole project look amazing. And after that is finished, then it is time for the decorating details including the furniture and all the other decorating items that will make the summer house look like a real home in which you will feel comfortable.

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