Helping Tips You Need To Follow To Keep Healthy Friendship

In the busy lifestyles we all take nowadays, it may be a little difficult to keep relationships such as friendships. The luck of time to spend with friends, the false intimacy that is becoming bigger and bigger part of everyday living, the superficial communication make it even harder to keep a real friendship. But, thanks to the modern-day technology and social media we can still stay connected with friends no matter how geographically apart they are from as. Here are some helping tips you need to follow in order to keep your friendship real in this busy lifestyle.

 Make time to connect

In order to keep a healthy friendships try to find time to connect with your friends. What cultivates a durable relationship is definitely the communication, so make sure it is not missing in your ones. Staying connected with your friends means calling them just to say hello, sending them messages, an email, but the most important, staying in touch with them offline as well. Spending time together, having some dinner, inviting them on parties, visiting them for weekends are just few of the ways to stay connected with them and show them you appreciate them.


Communicate mindfully

Communication is a two-way street and you need to be a good speaker but a good listener to have a healthy communication. Always listen what your friend is telling you and find some response to reply her/his story, but also share your personal story with friends, so that they won’t feel like having an interrogation instead of a communication when talking with you. Don’t get distracted with your phone when talking with your friends unless it is something really important, and then excuse if have to be interrupted with a phone call or message. Try to understand friends and let them understand you, that is the secret of a mindful communication.


Be open to feedback

To show your friends that they are important to you, you should ask them about opinions and thoughts about your decisions or last project you did. Being open for their feedback means that you are giving them and their opinion a big value, which is also so important for a lasting friendship. Positive friends always bring some positive energy around you so try to surround yourself with that kind of friends.

Keep them accountable

Always build your friendships on equality and respect. A friendship is a matter or desire, not a matter of obligation and co-dependence. Respect your friends and their desires, always keep your promises and make them do the same. Try to help them grow and let them help you grow too. respect their choices, but also give your opinion when asked for. Your friends will always be thankful for helping them in their bad moments.


Get to know them personally

In order to keep a healthy friendship with your friends it is so important to know them personally. Go to their celebrations, birthdays, weddings… when invited, and invite them to celebrate your special moments in life together. The moments spend with them on a special occasions will always be remembered and appreciated. Take photos together in order to keep the memories forever. Meet their families, spouses, kids and other friends. Being part of their community will stronger your relationship even more.

Give them space

Being too needy or clingy can be the biggest enemy to your friendships. Try to give your friends space, as they have their personal lives and responsibilities and they may not always be able to respond your call, or text you back at the moment you send them a message. Don’t make a big deal from something like that but instead give each other space to breath if you want to keep a healthy and lasting friendship.

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