What to Do if you Get Sick While Traveling

Traveling is a perfect storm of germs and confined spaces that get many people sick every day.  Even if you’re careful, even if you wash your hands and wear a mask, there’s a chance you could still get sick.  Although that can make you miserable and leave you feeling helpless- don’t give in to those feelings.

Here are some ideas to do if you ever get sick while traveling!

Where Are You Traveling?

This question has a lot of weight behind how you act for the next few steps.  If you’re in your own country, you can treat yourself how you’d treat yourself at home.  If you’re outside of your country, especially if you’re alone, you need to contact loved ones about how you’re feeling and research medical care in this country to know the protocol briefly.

How Sick Are You?

What kind of sick are you feeling?  Is it the stomach flu?  Or, instead, are you coughing and hacking up a lot?  Pay attention to your symptoms, stay stationary if it’s something that could be vital, and try to contact as few people as possible.

Seek Medical Help If Needed

People have an incredible ability to tell when something is wrong with their bodies.  If you feel like something’s incredibly wrong, there are a few options.  The first thing is to find out your temperature and see if it’s too high.  On top of that, if you’re coughing too hard to catch your breath, or feel faint, take your time to seek medical help.  Call your doctor, a medical clinic, and ask for advice on whether you should come in or not.

Don’t put off medical care just because you’re traveling, and if you need care, you have to get it.

Enjoy Local Food!

The good thing about being in a hotel is that you can still enjoy all of the food wherever you are!  Endless food delivery apps will offer you delicious local dishes that will have you looking up Vancouver houses for sale while you’re there.  Take care not to come into contact with anyone who might catch your illness if it’s contagious.  Most delivery businesses offer a no-contact option to respect you and their workers.


This option doesn’t mean you should get out and walk around town.  Instead, if you own a car or are with someone who can drive you without you coming in contact with a stranger, you can move around a city and see the sights.  If you wanted, you could have food delivered, and then spend an afternoon driving around and seeing everything from your car.

If you’re feeling sick- you should seek medical attention.  Take the time that you need to feel better and get back up to one hundred percent.  When you feel better, you can enjoy a vacation to celebrate it, but make sure that you take your health seriously.  A vacation is only valid if you’re healthy enough to enjoy it!

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