Here’s What to Expect in Dubai’s Old Town

If you’re lucky enough to be planning an upcoming getaway to glittering Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the city’s ‘Old Town’ neighbourhood should be on your definitive must-see list. Travel sites like Expedia can help you plan and enjoy your trip to the “Old Town.” Located downtown, it is a great destination for visitors who wish to view fascinating architecture that truly depicts the city’s rich Arabian culture. Although The Old Town is full of culture and historic structures, it’s still very much a contemporary setting.

The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is one of the biggest tourist draws in The Old Town. If you appreciate water and music, you’ll love this place. If you enjoy both things together, you’ll love the fountain even more. The Dubai Fountain has the distinction of being the planet’s highest performing fountain. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Burj Park

Although Dubai is a sleek metropolis full of urban flair, you can still find beautiful greenery. If you want to enjoy relaxation in a more natural setting, spend an afternoon at Burj Park. Burj Park is a terrific spot to take it easy and share good conversation with a friend.

Unforgettable Architecture

The Old Town is home to several apartment buildings, some of which are equipped with penthouses. These structures are reminiscent of the area’s past, with sarjool, clay and gypsum plastering that was so common there toward the beginning of the twentieth century. The subtle earth colours of the architecture match the scenery of the area, as well. The Old Town’s buildings have plenty of attractive extras in the form of pergolas, parapets, balconies, niches and recesses. The interiors of The Old Town’s buildings are just as impressive, what with tall ceilings, graceful arches and traditional elements that are truly evocative of Middle Eastern magnificence.

A Section Without Cars

Visitors to The Old Town who want to revel in laid-back relaxation can stop by a car-free zone that, true to its name, is completely devoid of autos. This area is an excellent place for people who want to enjoy a little leisurely exploration time. If you want to walk past idyllic cafes, boutiques and quaint boulevards without having to worry about the hassles of cars, then this zone in The Old Town is sure to make you smile.

Souk Al Bahar

Contemporary shopping is available in Dubai’s The Old Town, too. People who want to shop can visit Souk Al Bahar. The lively and modern shopping centre is home to many stores, cafes and dining establishments.

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