15 Hilarious Examples Of Expectation Vs. Reality You Can Totally Relate To During The Summer

How many times has happened to you to receive something different than the expected, for it is happened almost on a daily basis.
Handsome people, amazing-looking things, extremely appetizing food, idyllic scenes – everything just flawless and attractive and sure we expected to see them the same but is that really so. We call this reality and sure do not worry if you receive that cake that you have ordered a minute before in different form from the picture because as we told you this is the reality. A lot of this similar things are happening during the summer days. Below you can see 15 hilarious Expectation Vs Reality Photos. Enjoy!

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9 years ago

Great collection of funny pictures!

Quentin Delbooka
Quentin Delbooka
9 years ago

I prefer the “reality” view

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