How NGOs Have Created Jobs For Africans

NGOs have descended on Africa in recent years to do important work. These companies work outside of the private sector, but they are not sponsored by the local government. You may have worked for an NGO, or you may want to start an NGO of your own. Take a look at all the tips below that show you how you might become a player in building a better and more prosperous Africa.

Where Are NGOs Working?

NGOs are working throughout Africa to build schools, build hospitals, offer healthcare, build infrastructure, or educate children. You will find NGOs in almost every country that are helping refugees, and some NGOs help small villages modernize. Plus, certain NGOs offer micro-loans to villagers who need the money to open a business or expand upon their original ideas.

The NGO you work for could be anywhere, or you could send an NGO to any country in Africa where you are welcome.

How Are Jobs Created?

NGOs cannot operate with money, and that is why donations and corporate support are needed. Because you are sending small teams or going to Africa yourself, you need to work with locals who will help you. The locals that you work with could be paid as tour guides, or they might be liaisons for the local government.

Plus, you may bring people from America who will manage your projects. You might have doctors, dentists, and engineers who are managing big projects. These people need assistants, construction workers, and helpers. You can hire local Africans to help with each project, and you can pour more money into the local economy.

How Do Businesses Grow Up Around NGOs?

You are not going to create all the jobs in the area with your NGO alone. If you are working on behalf of an NGO, you will need help from local businesses who can sell you supplies or help with food.

The villages where NGOs go often grow because they need stores and shops that will support the projects that were started. For example, an NGO can build a hospital in rural Africa. Nurses, orderlies, and assistants are needed in the hospital. The village near the hospital can open restaurants and stores to support the people who are working in the area, and the village will thrive because of just one project.

How Does Money Move Between The US And Africa?

When you are working for an NGO or managing an NGO, you might need to transfer money to pay for expenses or pay a worker’s salary. You might send money from the US to Africa to support people who are doing charity work, or you might need to pay for specific expenses that are incurred by your NGO. Plus, you can use these money transfers to pay specific people in the local village.

The transfer service that you use can send cash to a local transfer office, or you can electronically send money to a bank account associated with the NGO or a worker.

One Facility Invites More Support In The Surrounding Area

When an NGO completes a big project, that project often invites more attention. The surrounding area might need clean water, a school, or loans for new businesses. All these things help to bring more NGOs to the area, and more projects will start. People who did not get jobs the first time around might get a job because of a new NGO project.

If you are thinking of starting an NGO or working on a new project, you should focus on areas where development has already started. There are other needs that you can fill, and you can give the community the support it needs through your company.


NGOs create a lot of jobs in Africa because they bring support to areas that have not yet grown. The people in every village has a chance to get a job that will help their village grow, and people who have traveled from America can work with NGOs in Africa for years as they bounce from one project to the next. There is a consistent pipeline of cash and employment going to Africa that helps rural economies grow quickly.

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