How to Choose the Best Shampoo and Conditioner Bar for your Hair Type

Going all-natural is fun and amazing until you realize you need to select what works best for you. The challenge is pretty easy to solve as Zero-waste beauty products have defined ingredients that suit everyone’s needs. Today, Beauty brands are aligning their products with the ecosystem needs. A significant move that will eliminate landfills and save aquatic life.

The introduction of shampoo bars has significantly reduced plastic waste and provided easy disposal solutions. The zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bars are eco-friendly and healthy for human use. A remarkable part about natural shampoos bars is that they are small, portable, and effective compared to bottled shampoo. A single bar offers 50 to 100 washes equivalent to three liquid shampoo bottles. Besides being eco-friendly, shampoo bars and conditioners are also pocket-friendly.

Choosing the best natural shampoo bar for your hair type

Your hair type determines the type of natural hair care product to use. Our hair is unique, the same way as everyone’s personalities. The decision to settle for a particular natural hair product shouldn’t revolve only around the brand but also on your hair type and ingredients. Most brands produce multiple natural shampoo bars and conditioners based on different client needs.

To quickly adjust to natural shampoo bars, get an exclusive brand and review their hair beauty products. The best shampoo and conditioner bars have defined ingredient composition to fit various hair types. The bars should be environment-friendly gentle on the scalp to give a great glow to your hair. The brand should understand your hair needs for better healthy and natural hair.

  1. Dry hair

Dry hair can result from a lack of enough sebum on the scalp. This is a natural secretion that lubricates and moisturizes your hair. To solve the hydration issue, the user requires shampoo and conditioners bars that moisturize, soften the texture and keep the natural oils. Shampoo bars from Ecoroots help maintain the natural oils and add enough natural essentials to prevent hair from breaking. The shampoo bars don’t have sulfates or other additives that weaken the hair fiber. When selecting zero-waste shampoo bars for dry hair, pick bars with moisturizing, nourishing, and rich in natural oil bars.

  1. Oily hair

Oily hair is a result of excess secretion of sebum on your scalp. The mechanism is quite the same for oily skin. The excess production is due to a dysfunctional sebaceous gland that helps produce your scalp’s protective oil. In layman’s thinking introducing a shampoo that dries or removes the natural oils will do the magic. However, this gives the sebaceous gland more tasks to secrete the oil and cover up. It’s pretty tedious to compete with your body functionality.

However, investing in eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars will help maintain the right amount of natural oils. It will also help keep the hair fiber moisturized and scalp free from buildup. A good shampoo bar will retain the correct levels of natural oils and keep the hair healthy. Individuals with frizzy hair should worry since shampoo bars help untangle by providing smoothing components such as coconut butter, jasmine oil, coconut oil, patchouli oil, and more.

  1. Dandruff

Dandruff is the greatest hair threat that causes an itchy feeling on the scalp, leading to the skin’s breaking. The fungus (Malassezia) results from scalp dehydration, thus irritating. To curb the issue, one should use the anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner bars regularly (twice a week) to hydrate the scalp, stabilize the natural oils and offer soothing sensational to prevent itchiness.


Realizing the hair type and scalp needs will guide the user in purchasing suitable shampoo bars. Every type offers exclusive results if utilized correctly.

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