How To Clean The Extractor Hood In Your Kitchen

Extractor hoods collect a lot of grease, grime and dirt. It is not a surprise if we take in mind the fact that cooking hood is placed right above the hob and its primary purpose is exactly collecting the smoke and the steam the food gives off.  A dirty extractor hood and the filter which collects a lot of dirtiness and greasy will become less effective, so you need to clear it regularly. Here we are presenting you some helping cleaning trick to clean extractor hood filters you need to try.


How to clean extractor hood filters

The extractor hood filters serve to collect all the grease that is contained in the cooking smoke. They get too dirty after many uses, so you need to clear it regularly. In order to make it better, first remove the filter carefully. Then fill the sink or a large pan with boiling water with baking soda and dish soap. Place the filter in the hot water and leave it soaked in for about then minutes. Once it is well soaked, scrub the filter using a tooth brush. When cleaned well, rinse thoroughly and dry well before you place the filter back to the extractor hood. After the filter is well dried reinsert it into the extractor hood.

How to clean an extractor hood surface

Not only the filters, but the whole surface of the extractor hood gets dirty too. It pick up a large amount of grease and dust and must be cleaned as well as. Here is how to make it on a better way.  First, mix bicarbonate of soda with boiling water and take a sponge. Using the sponge and the mixture of water and soda, scrub the hood’s surface. Once it is well scrubbed take a cloth and wipe out the hood gently removing the grease and the dust. Using warm water wash the hood in order to remove all the stains that have remained. Finally, dry with cloth.

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