How To Decorate The Staircase In Some Stunning Ways

Every corner in our house needs a little bit of decor to spice things up, make it more stylish and turn it into a unique space that everyone is going to enjoy. The staircase is the most neglected area and not many people decide to decorate it. You have probably noticed lots of bare staircase with no life. Well, this is not the case with these beautiful homes. We use the stairs millions of times in a day to go upstairs and downstairs, so adding nice scenery will make the journey more wonderful. If you were wondering what can you do to add a personal touch to them, here I’m going to inspire you with some exciting ideas. Scroll down through the article and see the How To Decorate The Staircase In Some Stunning Ways and recreate the look you like the best!

If your home is decorated in a rustic style then these wooden signs will be more than perfect for the walls in your staircase area. What’s more important you can make them on your own and skip shopping and spending money.

decorating ideas for stairs and hallways

Do you love traveling? Maps and clocks showing different times in different cities will be a perfect fit for decorating the space in the hallway and the staircase. These decorations will work great for more open spaces with high ceilings. Take the size of your hallway and stairs into consideration before choosing the size of the decorative pieces. If you insert small decorations in this area they will get lost and you will barely notice them.

decorate large staircase wall

Sometimes you don’t feel like having plenty of decorative pieces everywhere around you, so the easiest way to add a statement to this empty and boring wall is to add a mural.

ideas to decorate staircase wall

Do you cherish your wedding memories every time you take a look at them. What do you say about decorating the whole wall with wedding photographs?

how to decorate staircase wall

Have you been looking for the right spot where you can incorporate a gallery wall in your home? Have you considered the stair wall? People will love to stop and stare at the photographs, the signs, and the quotes that you have chosen to display there. This is by far my favorite personalized way to decorate a staircase.

staircase wall art

Flowers will not only enliven the area but they will also make the ambiance more warming, welcoming, and inviting. If you have a green finger, this is a nice spot to keep your flowers in your home. If there’s a window here, you already know what you should do with this area. It’s such a nice display for all your plans and flowers, so go ahead and turn it into your small garden.

staircase ideas for small house

What do you say about these built-in shelves? I totally love them! It will work amazing for all book lovers who aren’t sure where to display their books. Do you love to collect vases or other decorations? Put them here and let everyone see them and admire them. If you have the opportunity to incorporate built-in shelves, do it. It’s a great storage unit too!

staircase shelves

There are people who prefer more simple and minimal designs, so instead of displaying tons of decorative pieces on the staircase wall, add three candles. If there’s a space at the beginning of the staircase add drawers and some flowers on top of them.

staircase decoration ideas

Do you have vintage frames in your basement and you have been waiting for the perfect moment to display them in your home? Don’t bother to fill them with any artwork because they will make a statement themselves.

empty frames staircase decor

Lighting plays a crucial role in every interior, and the staircase is not an exception either. Add ambient lighting which will help you get a cozier atmosphere on the staircase.

DIY staircase decor

Are you obsessed with mirrors and they are all over your place? The stair wall is another place in your home where you can hang tons of them. They will make your space look bigger and brighter in an instance!

mirrors staircase decor

If you have kids don’t look for any other ideas. This is the cutest one that will warm your hearts. Frame their drawings and turn the dull wall into an interesting art gallery that attracts all of the attention! In this way, you won’t feel bad for throwing their arts away but will be rather proud to have them up on the walls.

kids art staircase decor

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, don’t miss the photos below!

under staircase decor
bold staircase decorations
minimal staircase decorations

There are certainly plenty of ways to make the staircase area more interesting. What is your favorite one?

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