How to Have a Successful Trip to Bahrain

Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands, rich in history and teemed with beautiful architecture. If you are fascinated with the Middle East, the Bahrain Kingdom needs to be your next destination.

To those not in the know, the Kingdom may seem a formidable place in the heart of the Gulf. Though despite being located on the east coast of Saudi Arabia, it is one of the open and welcoming countries. With an artistic circuit, decent culinary, and so much to do in Bahrain, here are great tips to help you organize your trip:

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  1. Get a Visa

To go to Bahrain, you will need a visa. The US citizens may apply for their visas online through the Bahraini government. Your visa will allow you to stay in the Kingdom for two weeks.

However, if you want to extend your stay, you may apply for a regular tourist visa in the embassy. This kind of visa will allow a four-week stay and multiple entries in Bahrain. Your visa application needs to include a letter explaining the intentions of visiting, a financial statement, a trip to the itinerary, and a recent photo.

  1. Book a Hotel

The best accommodation plays an important role in determining how great your trip may be and the kind of comfort you will get. The best luxury hotels in Bahrain (أفضل فنادق فاخرة في البحرين), such as Swiss-Bell Residences Juffair may be convenient for travelers looking for affordability.

You can book and stay in the hotel of your choice to enjoy the warm hospitality and buffet breakfast. Booking online may also be the best option because you can get additional discounts.

  1. Be Familiar with the Food

Most ingredients in Bahrain dishes are popular for their taste. When you visit the Kingdom, you need to live an adventure of tasting and eating different local foods.

Bahrain cuisine is also a compilation of different dishes around the Middle East and nearby countries, including the Philippines and India. Some of the popular dishes in the Kingdom, include:

  • Biryani
  • Saloon meal
  • Quiz dish
  • Al-Mudalal

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  1. Reserve an Airline Ticket

The Kingdom is also a bustling aviation center served by 32 airlines going direct to the Bahrain International Airport. Within easy reach of main international airports, ideal flight times may include around seven hours from London and less than one hour from Dubai.

You can also make air ticket reservations (حجوزات تذاكر طيران) from Paris, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Bangkok, and Riyadh.

  1. List the Places to Do

Although Bahrain is mostly explored in November, December, January, and February, the country has a lot of exciting experiences all through the year. Whether you prefer a form of amusement or relaxation, you will get it in this ‘Island of Pearls.’

If you are wondering what to do, you can start by considering horse riding. Arabian horses have a mystique and beauty, with a long history. You don’t have to be an experienced and professional rider because handlers will always be available to ensure you are safe. Other things you may do include:

  • Diving
  • Dining
  • Visiting the Lagoon Park
  • Testing your skills at the International Circuit

Concluding Remarks!

Traveling is full of many decisions, such as knowing the country to visit and the amount of money to spend. Therefore, if you are looking for the next destination with a fascinating culture, history, food, and things to do, Bahrain should top your list.

The Kingdom is considered a social and shopping mecca, making it a cosmopolitan and exciting hub for many visitors and tourists alike.

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