Industrial Design Ideas for Suburban Homes

The industrial look is one of the most modern and attractive home decoration styles available today. Many trendy homeowners looking to shape up their spaces are deciding to take the plunge and spruce up their estates with some of the following design ideas.

1. Consult The Professionals

While everyone has their own unique likes and dislikes when it comes to interior design, it is highly recommended that before one decides to do a decoration scheme that is completely new and unfamiliar it is wise to consult professionals. Design professionals have the education, experience, and expertise in order to be able to deliver sound recommendations for the space that the homeowners are looking to renovate. Many people are surprised when they learn how affordable it is to outfit their home with permanent changes to its architecture. It is certainly worth checking to see if a building project could be right for your vision. There are plenty of online galleries where you can see inspirational industrial design, like the one on the Lagan Plant website.

2. Let The Home Be Its Own Decoration
Consider allowing for there to be minimal decorations in your home. By doing this, one is creating the look of a more intense focus on the actual design and fixtures that are in place. This can turn a kitchen tap, for example, into a centerpiece of a room. Many people find that minimal decoration and the lack of clutter help create an airy energy throughout the home, inspiring contentedness and a peaceful mindset. It allows a homeowner to really concentrate their resources on making sure that the basic fixtures they use the most often in their home are the best choices for their aesthetic vision of the space.

3. Decorate With Neutral Colours and Modern Furnishings
A neutral colour palette is one of the most recognisable aspects of industrial design for suburban homes. The colours combine to allow the forms of the furnishings to really shine, instead of a flashy paint or fabric diverting attention from the design. Sticking with furniture that features clean, modern lines and angles, coupled with the colour scheme of brown, black, and grey really gets to the heart of the style.

4. Consider Leaving Ceilings, Walls, Or Floors “Rough”

A hallmark of the industrial aesthetic is that of the unfinished surface. A slightly rough appearance adds grit and character to a space, and industrial design takes great advantage of this fact. By choosing to do a minimal of a finish on a floor, for example, not only does the floor become easier to maintain but it also becomes a focal point to tie the room in together. It is best to decide in advance what surface is to be left unfinished, as that way care can be taken to avoid risking any staining or damage during the period of construction.

With a bit of patience, the advice and expertise of professionals, and a clear goal for the space to be renovated, a homeowner can easily embrace the industrial design trend for their own home. An update to one’s surroundings is a most excellent choice to refresh one’s mind and body.

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