Staying Fit This Holiday Season? The Must-Have Gear You Can’t Succeed Without

There’s no reason to sit inside during the winter, letting your exercise regime fall by the wayside. Invest in the right gear and get outside (or at least to the gym) to break a sweat when there’s a chill in the air. The important thing is wicking sweat away while staying warm, especially at your core.
1. On extra cold days, you’ll want a reliable base layer. The Asics Thermopolis 1/2 Zip is soft; wicks sweat away, and don’t cling. Thanks to thumbholes, your base layer can stay in place no matter how many more layers you pile on top. The extra high collar makes it easy to tuck your chin inside when it’s brisk out.
2. For men who are looking for a performance jacket, it doesn’t get much better than the Boxfresh Bietal2 100% waterproof jacket. A drawstring hood keeps the wind away from your neck and chest, and since the jacket doesn’t have any padding, it’s easy to fold and store it. Lightweight and rain repellant, the Boxfresh Bietal2 is ideal for rainy day runs.
3. Whether you need an extra layer under your pants or you prefer to exercise in leggings, pick up a pair of the Adidas Techfit ClimaWarm+ Tights. The fabric is designed to keep cold air away while still letting sweat escape. With mesh vents located behind the knees, these tights are a low priced, high quality alternative to more expensive pairs.

4. You may be sweating during a wintertime workout, but you still have to keep your core warm. It’s easy – and stylish – when you have the Moving Comfort Sprint Insulated Vest. The quilted vest keeps you warm where it’s important without restricting any movement. Since the side panels are made from lightweight material, you won’t feel too puffy in this vest, either.

5. Want to pound the pavement for a morning run, but are afraid you’ll slip on the icy roads? Get a set of Yaktrax Pro shoe chains, which work just like chains for your car’s tires, but they’re for your feet instead.

Now that you’ve squeezed a workout into your busy day, you can have it off your mind until tomorrow. When you’re ready to get out of the sweats and back into your Christian Louboutin’s, read all about the world’s most popular shoes.

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