Interesting Movies Details That You Missed At All

Most of people enjoy watching movies and spend hours in front of the TV trying to catch all the details a movie can offer. But, there are so good directors that find ways to send some secret message to viewers on a way you can even not imagine. In this post we are presenting you some of the most interesting movie details that you probably missed at the first watching, from some of the most popular movies everyone has ever seen in life. We are sure you will want to see the movies once again to catch these missed messages, won’t you?

1. Zootopia (2016)

If you have seen this cartoon from 2016, you probably remember the scene where a map with photos on it was shown. Nut, you have probably not noticed that on one of the photos was shown a sad wolf sitting in the park and eating sandwich. And even more, you have probable mot noticed that this photo indeed was a parody of a popular photo of Keanu Reeves.


2. Cars (2006)

Have you seen the cartoon Cars? If yes, tell us if you have noticed that all the canyons in the cartoon were made in shape of retro cars? You have probably not seen that detail, right?


3. Jaws (1975) and Deep Blue Sea (1999)

You may have watched these both films, but admit it that you haven’t noticed that in one of the first scenes of Deep Blue Sea, one of the characters throws a license plate on the pier that has the same numbers and symbols as the license plate from Jaws.


4. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

Do you remember the last scene of The Pursuit of Happiness? And do you remember the scene where Christopher Gardner, portrayed by Will Smith, walks past the real Christopher on whose story the film was based?


5. The Matrix (1999)

In one of the scenes where Neo come up to the door, if you look better you can notice the camera in the polished doorknob, right next to the coat and the tie. A lot of viewers haven’t seen this  detail, as the tie was poisoned that way that everybody will get the impression that the camera I in fact part of the tie.


6. The Godfather (1972)

Have you notices that in The Godfather you can see oranges in so many scenes, especially in scenes prior to someone’s death. It is been considered that oranges are the harbingers of death in this movie.


7. Spider-Man (2017)

There is almost no person in this world that has missed to watch Spider-man. But also, I bet nobody has noticed that among the portrait of scientist in the physic classroom was one portrait of a famous scientist in nuclear physics and gamma rays, Bruce Banner who can also transform into Hulk.


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