Attic Duplex Apartment in Minimalist interior design

Minimalist interior design means pure and clear and simplified lines, and certainly liberation from unnecessary elements. This design is mega popular in the modern arrangement of living spaces. In the design of the minimalist concept, are not used many colors. As a result, their combination is accurate and precise. Especially popular now are interiors in which predominate neutral tones with a bold wall in a dark color. That color is often dark gray or black.

Features of Minimalist interior design

Minimalist space breathes freely and it is not burdened with furniture. Each piece of furniture has its own function and provides the necessary comfort. Examples are wide sofas with clean lines or massive armchairs. Each element in the space has its own function and is balanced, in relation to the other elements. Lighting has a special emphasis in the modern arrangement of minimalist interiors. A special trend are the lighting fixtures with copper shades. Everything in the room should have a function and add value to the space. In the minimalist interior, the form plays a very important role. For example, in the dining room you must pay attention to the shape of the furniture. After that match their color with the other elements.

Easy To Maintenance And Cleaning

Many elements in the interior need regular cleaning and vacuuming. The more items you have, you spend much time on cleaning and tidying up. Imagine how easy and practical it is to maintain a space with several objects in relation to some, for example, with fifty objects. You can fresh up the room with a cactus or a green plant. Whatever you choose, you will not go wrong.

Just a few words  for those great appartment . Located in the center of Gothenburg  on wonderful attic of 132 square meters. It’s size is ideal for the design of a perfect whole. Here details in subtle colors create a perfect contrast with the whiteness which abounds. But we can not write to much, check out below and see its beauty and functionality. Enjoy in our gallery!

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9 years ago

You are fully used white colors.I am always like that white.Its really amazing.Thank you.Zarah from Bizbilla

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