One of the Most Beautiful Places in Thailand and on Earth

One of the best things about Thailand, in general, is that it’s so incredibly exotic and beautiful. For a lot of people, the fact that it’s different keeps them away. Of course, for those brave souls who are down to visit a place that’s unlike any other in the world, the rewards are pretty incredible.

There’s a balance in any place where there’s tourism. On the one hand, you want a place that’s going to be accessible and offers some tours, so you know what to see. On the other hand, you don’t want a place that’s so drippingly full of tourists that there’s a constant roar of crowds and carnival barker-esque locals who are out to sell you everything under the sun.

Old Growth and Real Nature

Nature is one of the best things about taking a trip into a more laid-back place. While most of the world is all about building up higher and higher and going more and more technological, many of the trails in the Khao Sok area are seriously old growth. These jungles have been mostly untouched for as long as there have been people, so you can visit a place that’s more than a tree line or a tourist trap.

Taking a tour of a natural place really helps you reconnect with the natural world. You can breathe in the crisp air that’s enriched by plants you might never see anywhere else. When you see an animal, it’s because the creature is as curious about you as you are about it. This is the kind of experience that so many people don’t get in the modern world.

Spending the Day

Many times, a person takes a tour, and it ends up just being half an hour or so. You walk around, snap a few photos, and then, it’s over almost before it could even get going. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss out on the entire experience.

Fortunately, there are also tours that take a bit more time and really let you get a feel of the area. For example, taking the Khao Sok National Park tours that are on offer allows you to experience as much as you can in the area. These tours can often take 12 hours or more. While there’s some cardio involved in touring around for this amount of time, working up a healthy sweat is almost a bonus for being able to see these amazing sights.

So Easy to Get To

There’s some walking involved on your tour, but a fair bit of it involves the use of vehicles. Khao Sok is reasonably easy to get to, and begins on the Seresin Bridge. It’s super easy to get there from Phuket since it’s in the same province. You get to spend most of the time that’s allocated to your tour actually touring, not just traveling to and from it.

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