Reasons why artificial grass is used for soccer pitches

A sedentary lifestyle causes us to be more prone to injuries, as our bodies are not used to physical activity. Our ancestors walked dozens of kilometres a day – there’s no wonder that sitting all day leads to numerous health problems. Apart from our bodies, being active positively affects cognitive performance, improves mood, and boosts the growth of new synapses in the brain.

There’s no one claiming (okay, almost no one) that you should spend most of your life rummaging through forests. It is most likely that you have many responsibilities that you cannot simply abandon. Instead, you could compromise and do sports. Apart from being healthy for your body, team sports allow you to connect with other people. Unfortunately, though, adverse atmospheric conditions can make it harder for you to play football with your friends. There’s nothing fun about puddles and mud when you are trying to pass the ball as accurately as possible.

That’s why instead of naturally grown one, artificial grass is often used. This article will show you why artificial grass is a superior choice.

The weather

Have you ever tried to play football when it’s raining cats and dogs? The game becomes less about the “scoring of a goal” and more about the “don’t get injured”. Some may say “no risk, no reward”, but the responsible majority would argue. Playing on rough terrain is a recipe for numerous injuries. Slippery grass can be fun when you are a child, but if we are talking about competitive games, appropriate conditions are undoubtedly preferred.

Apart from being a cause of numerous injuries, a football field that’s uneven decreases the importance of mere skills. Instead, the eventual victory of one team becomes a matter of luck. Although in gambling, the players don’t mind the fact that their games are, to some degree, governed by sheer luck, the sports should be more focused on the abilities of the players. The artificial grass, on the other hand, allows players to test their abilities no matter the conditions.

The costs

It will take some time before the lower costs of maintenance of the artificial grass make it pay for itself. Although the price is not small, the experts at claim that you should treat it as a long-term investment. The amount of work needed to ensure that players can test themselves without any obstacles will be cut drastically. Because of that, you won’t need to hire as many people to deal with the maintenance.

The environment

Choosing artificial grass eliminates the need for watering. Taking the size of sports fields into consideration, the amount of water that is saved is colossal. You won’t need to clip artificial grass, which would then need to be thrown out and would end up at a landfill.

Gas mowers account for approximately 5% of air pollution in the United States. For the proper maintenance, though, you’d also need blowers and edgers. Although they aren’t usually associated with the harm done to our planet, the effects of their usage are disastrous. To prolong the countdown to extinction, choosing artificial grass is clearly a better choice.

The health

Apart from not wasting water, you won’t need fertilizers and pesticides. They have ruinous effects on the environment, but they also harm humans. They even affect the bodies of animals, which are then often eaten by humans.

Another problem with the naturally-grown grass is that it makes some people sneeze like there’s no tomorrow. Thankfully, artificial grass makes it possible for people with allergies to play sports without feeling like their death is just around the corner.


After a period of heavy use, real grass, not unlike a human body, needs some time to regenerate. The artificial one, though, can be used without any pauses, making it a great option if it is to be used frequently. This way, you won’t need to worry about scheduling any breaks between the tournaments. The artificial grass will emerge victorious from any ordeal.

The benefits

If it’s not real grass, then it must be somehow worse, right? “Away with the ersatz!” you may scream out in the unexpected wave of emotions. It is entirely reasonable to have certain objections at first, which is why it is crucial to research this subject properly. Although the initial cost is pretty steep, this purchase will make the maintenance less time and money consuming. It is also friendly to the players – they’ll be less likely to get injured, while those with allergies will be able to enjoy themselves undisturbed.

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