Why Are We So Drawn to Symmetrical Faces?

Have you ever really wondered why the likes of Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman are considered so attractive to us mere mortals?

There is a wide range of factors that determine someone’s sexiness. But, one of the most powerful ones is symmetrical faces.

If you have ever wondered why human beings are so drawn to symmetrical faces, check out the below to discover everything you need to know.

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Beauty is Above All Cultural 

They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

This suggests that what we find attractive is merely subjective.

Some people are attracted to slim and feminine looking women. While others prefer tall and handsome men.

Of course, standards of beauty have always changed throughout history and across cultures.

In Tudor England, for example, particularly pale skin was all the rage among the aristocracy because it signified how little time you spent outdoors.

Up until recently, beards were largely considered unkempt and dirty. And yet, now bearded men are trending.

Cultural ideas around beauty have always played a large role in defining what we find attractive.

Universally Attractive to Everyone

Nevertheless, some people are simply drop-dead gorgeous, right?

There are actually biological features that appear to be considered attractive regardless of culture and time.

One of these is height among men. Whether you’re in the Amazon Jungle, the hustle, and bustle of London or in the peacefulness of the Tibetan mountains, tall men are hot.

However, there is another even greater factor which appears to exist across cultures and gender. Symmetrical faces is simply attractive wherever you happen to be.

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Where Does Symmetry Come From?

Both sides of our body develop to appear almost the same. That’s why you usually have two arms, two legs, etc.

Of course, this never goes entirely to plan. Nobody is perfectly symmetrical.

Even the smallest change in the expression of the gene can cause tiny differences on the two sides of your face.

Maybe you have one eye slightly bigger than the other. Or, perhaps your right ear is positioned a little higher up than your left one.

Why do We Love a Symmetrical Face?

It’s down to evolution. When you’re selecting a mate, you want him or her to be of the highest quality.

If their genes are expressed perfectly, then you’ll get a more symmetrical face. The opposite suggests there must be a dysfunction.

While larger asymmetries may even suggest health conditions, such as inflammation, allergies, stress or malnourishment.

While many of the conditions can be cured or eliminated in wealthy nations, these factors obviously play a role in determining the survival of the person.

The facial symmetry may play a very small role, but it’s all we can go on when judging someone’s appearance.

Symmetrical Faces

Now you know why you’re always attracted to people with symmetrical faces. This fascinating feature is universally attractive.

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