Remodeling Tips for Stylish and Functional Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces of the home. Because of this intimate element, it’s hard not to get picky and meticulous when it comes to making renovation moves. But are there ever any failproof ideas that can save you from the anxiety of redesigning your bath space?


Making all the right moves when renovating a bathroom is crucial for both cost and practicality purposes. According to HomeAdvisor, remodeling a bathroom can cost anywhere between $2,500 and $25,000. The national average cost is at $10,211. If you’re going to spend that much to remodel, you have to make sure that every dollar is well spent.

Make every decision count by following these proven and tested ways to successfully spruce up your bathroom space.

Install a Glass-Enclosed Shower

Usually, adding an element to an already-limited area can increase the bulk of space. Not with glass walls. In addition to making your bathroom space seem larger, they also produce a seamless transition between the shower room and the rest of the bathroom. Paneled glass doors also add a layer of privacy for when you feel like taking long, uninterrupted bath sessions.

Choose Good Rugs

The human mind instantly picks up anything out of place. That’s why it’s easy to spot a dirty bathroom mat from an immaculately clean white bathroom space. The devil is indeed in the detail. Don’t let that one little mishap sabotage your costly remodeling efforts.

As much as possible, change bathroom mats on a regular basis. It also helps to choose bathroom mat designs that jive with your chosen theme. Otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Invest in Durable Fixtures

There’s really not much point to remodeling if you’re only going for the looks. You need to invest in good fixtures and reliable materials to ensure that your space endures normal wear and tear.

Do some thorough research first on great bath materials to purchase before you do the shopping. Get macerating upflush toilets, low-flow faucets, and motion-sensing light devices as they are are all cost-efficient, energy-saving investments that are worth the additional dollars.

Integrate a Calendar into Your Bathroom Walls

Because you spend most of your morning routine in the bathroom, it’s a great place to keep track of things and be briefed of the day’s schedule. The bathroom’s private space is also perfect for thinking, so you can do an overhead planning and set yourself up for the day before you head out.

Wall calendars can be set up at the back of the bathroom door or beside the vanity, where you can easily see them.

Choose White, Gray, or Monochrome

Speaking of themes, creating an elegant, polished look can all boil down to color selection. If you’re going for simple yet classic, white is a safe choice. Either go all white or complement with light, neutral colors for a slight variation. Splurging on white towels, rugs, and linens will also help achieve the high-end, resort-like appeal.

A monochrome theme is another great selection. It’s a style that uses varying tones of the same color to create depth. This is commonly used among spas to produce that quintessential relaxing vibe and aesthetic.

Gray bathroom colors are also gaining popularity in bathroom design in the past few years, thanks to their soothing, semisolid tone that also happens to go really well with most bath fixtures. Particularly, it’s a good complement to wood and silver and, with good lighting, can completely updo the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Glam Up with Plants

Not all bathroom remodel decisions have to be expensive. Simply integrating an element of nature into your bathroom can breathe life into the whole space. While it can be tricky to find plant species that can thrive with ever-shifting levels of temperature and humidity, there is certainly flora that can brave the rough indoor environment.

Natural Living Ideas has listed some of these species in this post. If you are not confident of proper plant care on your own or are too busy for plant hunting, opt for natural-looking artificial herbage or real-looking silk flowers. These are great alternatives that offer the natural good looks minus the maintenance requirements.

Add a Seat

Make your grooming sessions extra comfy by adding a simple stool, an armchair, or an ottoman you can perch onto. It lends character to your bath space, apart from adding another functional element.

Add Heated Floors

Hitting the cold bathroom floors in the morning can be mildly annoying. So if you can afford adequate heating for the entire home, why not add in a few extra to heat that tiny square footage of bathroom space where you especially need them? It’s a good investment that surely you or your guests will appreciate.


Function and style should go side by side when planning for your bathroom remodel. It’s also a good strategy to efficiently spend your dollars. Hit two birds with the same stone by following some of or all these bathroom renovation tips.

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