What she really wants on prom night

What a girl wants may be a question that men have been asking themselves for as long as there have been men and women. While we can’t give you any insight on life overall, we can help you better understand what she’s expecting from you as her prom date.

When you ask a girl to prom, you know that you’ll be expected to do certain things for her, but you may wonder what exactly those things are. Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of quick tips to keep you on your toes and keep her happy on hers.

  1. Put the phone down

While prom is the perfect time for Instagram and Snapchat, it’s important to remember that she wants you to pay attention to her as well. It can be hard to put down the phone sometimes, so make a mental note of it before you leave to pick her up that your cell phone should spend most of the evening in your pocket. Take time to notice her prom dress, compliment her jewelry, or just tell her she looks beautiful. It’s easy, but it will mean the world to her.

  1. Pay for dinner

Every girl interviewed expressed this same desire: to have her date pay for their dinner before prom. While it’s a modern world, this is a traditional touch that makes your date feel special and treated. It’s also much more romantic than splitting the bill. Your date will be in a much happier mood if you follow this tip.

  1. Understand that she’s stressed

A lot has been building up to this day for her, so she’s probably experiencing a lot of stress. She’s been shopping for trendy prom dresses 2019 since it was probably 2015, and now is finally the day she gets to wear it. She’ll have been up from the early hours getting her hair and makeup done and is probably feeling very anxious about everything going to plan. Knows that she’s stressed and not angry with you and that she’ll probably relax and calm down once you arrive at the dance and the pictures and tension are out of the way.

  1. Stay by her side

Not every girl wants to dance all night and run around with her friends once you arrive at prom. If you’re her date, she wants you by her side, so gauge how she’s feeling. Some girls want to hang out a bit more casually or take breaks, or even steal away for a bit of alone time. The main thing is not to abandon her to go hang out with your boys all night.

  1. Nowhere messy for dinner

Her prom dress is probably her prize possession right now. Whether she got an affordable one from online website, got one custom made, or even found one second-hand, she’s worked hard to look this good, so nowhere messy for dinner! This is not the time for all you can eat ribs or buttery lobster dinner. If you want a trick to find out where she’d like to eat, ask her to guess where you’re taking her on prom night, and then choose one of the top two restaurants she names

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