Fashion Trends That Will Carry on into 2024: What to Expect

Fashion trends both impact and are impacted by society. We can usually look to fashion trends to better understand a time in history and the social norms or conventions of that period.

There have been times when fashion trends and fashion icons have influenced society by introducing change first. Their choices were bold and unusual which led to social debates and reevaluations.

In other words, fashion can reflect or impactfully influence modern societies.

Now that 2023 is coming to an end, designers and fashion icons are already looking at next year’s trends. How will 2024 trends differ from 2023’s?

What trends will remain? Which ones will disappear?

This article will discuss some of 2023’s top trends and what we can expect in 2024.

2023’s top fashion trends that will make it into 2024

The following top fashion trends of 2023 are most likely to continue in 2024.

  • Scarves

This year, scarves were all in. During spring and summer 2023, silk-like scarves were used by both men and women to create stylish looks.

Many women put scarves around their necks, around their purse’s handle, and in their hair. A simple light silk scarf or ribbon in their hair helped elevate their entire look.

Men put light, silky and summery scarves around their necks. Many of them also used these light scarves as ties.

November and December 2023 saw the return of winter scarves and certain fashion trends.

For example, tying your winter scarf over your head in balaclava-fashion is very popular in Paris and on social media (particularly among the Gen Z demographic).

Scarf-styling ideas were already trendy in 2022. They have gained even more popularity throughout 2023 and renewed interest in December 2023.

We think they’ll make it into early 2024’s top trends at the very least.

  • Streetwear (e.g. hoodies and stacked jeans)

Streetwear has only grown in popularity since its creation in the ‘90s.

Many fashion experts and designers argue that streetwear has lasted too long to be considered a ‘trend’. Technically, it is no longer a ‘trend’ but a full ‘fashion phenomenon’.

Inspired by New York’s hip-hop scene, California’s surfing culture, and Japanese urban lifestyle, streetwear is the most popular and common fashion style in the world.

Because of its longstanding trendiness record, we have to assume that it is here to stay. It will likely stick around for the next decade or so.

Staple streetwear clothing items include high-waisted stacked jeans, hoodies and sneakers.

Those who are still unsure as to what streetwear means should look at A$AP Rocky’s outfits and Gigi Hadid’s fashion choices to see how versatile, flexible and vast streetwear style is.

Streetwear can mean different things to different people. Wearers are encouraged to play with it to find what it means to them.

A trend that will most likely not live to see 2024

Here is a trend that we think is over.

  • Transparent handbags

This was never a huge fashion trend in 2023 but it did seduce some younger women. However, this trend is quickly dying down.

There are several reasons behind its decline.

First, transparent handbags are mostly made from cheap plastic. They are far from eco-friendly.

They are usually poor-quality products that break or get damaged easily.

Second, this type of handbag is not suitable for urban lifestyles. It is a pickpocket’s dream and ultimate temptation.

A pickpocket can see exactly what your bag contains.

Not only that, but many wearers found it uncomfortable to have their personal belongings on display for the entire world to see.

Final thoughts
This article listed some of the top trends of 2023 that will survive and carry on way into 2024 and one that will not. From the iconic hoodie and jeans look that was brought back to life this year, to the not so memorable transparent bag. Fashion will constantly continue to evolve and with the influence of social media platforms, 2024 looks like another year for big fashion trends.

Are there other trends that you think will live to see 2024?

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