Seven Reasons To Put Spain Into Your “Must Visit Countries” List

There is definitely something magic in every country that makes you want to visit and experience it. below we are presenting seven of the biggest magical reason to visit Spain and spend the best holiday trip ever.

The sun, sun and sun

Spain is the place where the rain is reduced to a minimum. The rain in Spain mainly falls along the plains, and is therefore one of the nicest places to rest. Do not wait for a reservation and enjoy the summer.



Beach, sea, sun, cocktail and what’s missing, of course the beautiful and wonderful music sung by famous musicians. Traditional Spanish music is often played with guitar and consists of flamenco music, bolero and bouleurs. Depending on the region you are in, there are various forms of singing. Most often, the young listen to the songs by David Bustamante, David Bisbal, Monica Naranjio.


 Spanish Food

In Spain there is an infinite diversity of foods. The menu of the day is fantastic, because it offers a complete meal for everyone. Spanish food is characterized by its freshness and healthy condition. Small and delicious tapas can be eaten at any time, with their diversity blurring imagination. It is also worth mentioning sweets that can be purchased in many monasteries. They have preserved food recipes dating from the time of the Romans and Moors. Spanish food is indeed one of the biggest “must try”  in Spain that many people like.

Superb Wine

Spain, due to its geographical location, is the perfect place to raise a vine. Also, the climate is great for the vine because it is characterized by fresh and cool mornings, and through the day is warm. That is why Spain is a good place to go to a restaurant and drink wine produced in a variety of wineries.


Its enviable cities

Among the most beautiful cities to visit in Spain in the summer are Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and many others. These are the cities that have beauties designed especially for the summer periods. The capital city of Madrid is rich in cultural and historical objects. So because of its rich and wide culture, it is designed for travelers of different types. Barcelona’s proud Catalan air should be felt especially in the evening.

The cultural giants

Spain with its rich and wonderful culture is the perfect choice of historians who have visited Spain for exploring ancient historical sites as well as the Spanish tradition.


 Beautiful Beaches

Many of the visitors go to Spain for the beautiful beaches. Among the more famous beaches in Spain are the Canary Islands, including the Costa de la Luz, Chipiona, La Barrosa, Laurent del Mar and many others. So take your favorite cocktail and go to one of them and enjoy during the summer hot days or in the summer nightlife.


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