Shoppers Paradise: Best Places to Shop from While Traveling

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Truthfully, everyone wants to explore the world and travel to different places. While some people travel to discover new cuisines, others have a keen interest in historical sites and museums. Likewise, many people have a quest to find the best shopping spots. From designer clothes to memorable souvenirs – the shopping sprees while traveling are much more exciting. You can get to explore culture-friendly apparel and accessories, a perfect upgrade for your closet.

Similarly, if you are one of the connoisseurs, get your hands on unique and distinctive items that aren’t available back home. However, unless you are a pro at shopping, you might blow your budget in the exclusive streets of Milan and Paris. Therefore, you have to find places across the map that don’t leave you with new clothes and empty pockets. Whether it be jewelry or art – plan a vacation to the most pocket-friendly shopping destination to get the most out of your trip.

Can’t think of any places? Don’t worry because we have a list prepared for you. Here are the eight best places to shop while traveling.


1.      Sevierville, Tennessee

Are you one of those who would like to shop till you drop? If yes, Sevierville could be the perfect travel destination. It has shopping centers, flea markets, and much more to explore. You can head over to River Place shopping center to get the best deals on clothes. Similarly, you can visit the village antique and home décor mall to find stuff to decorate your home. Also, don’t forget to bring some souvenirs back home on your Sevierville shopping spree to cherish those memories. You can get your hands on aesthetic mugs, stickers, mason jars, or locally made art.


2.      5th Avenue, New York Street

The New York shopping district has something for everyone. The avenue has luxury stores like Gucci and Louis Vuitton where A-listers can satisfy their compelling shopping needs. Down the route, you can find many smaller shops with affordable prices. Mostly, this street has high-end perfume and makeup outlets. From Tiffany & Co. to Sephora, you can find everything for skincare and beauty. Even if you can’t afford to buy anything on the 5th, don’t mind checking it out for some window shopping.


3.      Le Marais, Paris

The fashion center of the world – Paris, is home to some of the most famous designers. Today, it serves as the capital of style, trends, and fashion. You can find exquisite boutiques, designer outlets, and second-hand vintage stores. Besides clothes, you can visit eccentric art galleries, jewelers, and stores for some more shopping. Precisely, it is the ideal shopping spot for all the fashionistas who are fond of fashion and style.


4.      Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Have you heard of the Thai Experience? Chatuchak market in Bangkok offers the ultimate Thai shopping experience. It is a massive market with over 200,00 visitors every weekend. Tourists can find great deals at affordable prices with a flavor of local products. From vinyl records to vintage hipsters – this market will offer a wholesome shopping experience.  Since the Chatuchak market is vast and mainly crowded, you have to be patient while shopping. Also, the merchants might try to charge more because you are a tourist. In such situations, brace yourself for tough negotiations to get the best prices.


5.      Oxford Street, London

Growing up playing Monopoly, most people are well-acquainted with Oxford Street. It has more than 300 shops, souvenir stores, local brands, and designer outlets. Hence, whether you want furniture, sports attire, or antique jewelry, you can find everything on this street. Besides, there are several famous departmental stores like Debenhams and Primark with meager prices. In case you have a tight shopping budget, take advantage of the best bargains at these stores. However, for luxurious shoppers, Bond and Mayfair Street could be the best choices.


6.      Downtown, Copenhagen

Although downtown is not as popular as Milan or Paris, it offers the world to enthusiastic shoppers. It has the world’s longest pedestrian mall, offering shoppers everything from Channel to Zara. The place is full of narrow streets and alleyways surrounding various men’s and women’s shops. Here, you can find everything including, high-end fashion apparel, handmade cutlery, and exquisite jewelry. After all, Copenhagen is famous for its vintage fashions, chic boutiques, and contemporary home décor.

Moreover, Kobmagergae is another shopping street downtown. It is more like the house to luxury brands like Marc Jacobs, Guess, Prada, etc. If you plan to buy a few designer pieces, this could be the perfect place. Also, there are different Tudor homes in this area that have been refurbished into boutiques and restaurants. Hence, you can make your shopping decisions over a cup of Moroccan tea.


7.      Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona

Undoubtedly, Barcelona is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. With streets wrapped in modern architecture, the stunning tree-lined boulevard is home to numerous luxurious shops, out of which Plaça de Catalunya the best place to spend your money. It has Corte Inglés, offering you top brands and supermarkets. Within walking distance, you will come across Portal de L’Angel, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and traditional bargain stores like Bershka and Zara. While shopping your heart out, don’t forget to taste Spain’s finest food and drinks.


8.      Via Montenapoleone, Milan

People admire Via Montenapoleone for its elegance, sophistication, and fashion trends. The narrow side streets are home to fabulous boutiques and small designer shops. However, this place is not for a bargain but a place to find high-end designer brands. If you have a hefty budget, shopping in Via Montenapoleone would be the perfect decision. Otherwise, you can always wait for sales and discounts since there are significant offers twice a year. Preferably, a great time to stock up on elegant clothing without breaking the bank.


Wrapping Up

There is nothing more thrilling than traveling the world and shopping your heart out. After all, who doesn’t want to own antique furniture from vintage shops? Similarly, you will get a chance to fill your closet with breath-taking fashion couture from the streets of Paris. Before you get all enthusiastic about the trip, finalize your travel destination and start looking for the best shopping spots. Also, make sure you pack and travel light so that your luggage has enough space for the new stuff.

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