Small Signs of Affection to Treat Your Significant Other With

Are birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates usually the time when you give your sweetheart a present or maybe special signs of affection? Why not do so every single day? A peck on the cheek when they least expect it, telling them that they mean the world to you when they’ve had the worst day ever, or a simple hug can go a long way and not just on special occasions but every single day. If you’d like to make your darling happy day in day out, here’s what you can do.

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Make time for them

You don’t need to think about expensive gifts when you want to show your sweetheart affection. Sure, perfumes, jewelry, and accessories are nice, but nothing compares to the time you two spend together. Whether it’s to talk about your day, or just plan your weekend or maybe even simply sit in each other’s arms while you’re watching their favorite show – it’ll mean the world to them to know you made time. Making them your priority, instead of always saying that you are too busy to talk now, will be one of the best signs of affection you can give to your significant other.

Always listen attentively

Everybody is always busy, running several errands simultaneously, so it’s very easy to lose track of your partner’s needs. Sometimes we are unaware of how much we neglect our lover’s needs which is why you should give your best to always be there for them and listen carefully to what they have to say. Cell phones and other gadgets are very addictive and can make you shift your attention from what’s really important, so the next time your sweetheart wants your undivided attention – give them just that. Look them in the eyes while they’re talking to you, and listen to every single word they are saying. It will be by far the best present they can get at the moment.

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Give them small gifts of affection

A little gift that shows your sweetheart you’ve had them in your thoughts when things were rocky for them, or just when you want to brighten up their day for no special reason, can be the best gift that they’ll remember more than something you gave them for their birthday or anniversary. You can find various cute and creative presents online and maybe give your girlfriend a Gift Rebellion chocolate bouquet or surprise your boyfriend with a prosecco and chocolate bouquet. You can never go wrong with chocolate, and if you add some bubbly along the way, you can make that day more fun than you originally planned.

Be physically affectionate too

Sometimes all we need is for our sweetheart to give us a hug when we least expect it. Holding their hand just because you want them to be close to you and to show them that you need their closeness can sometimes be the best gift ever. A peck on the cheek when they least expect it, a kiss on the forehead, and taking their hand when you’re crossing the street, for example, is a lovely way to show your affection physically and make their day.

Remind them that they’re amazing

Some people can never get enough reassurance. Even if you’ve been together for an eternity, your darling may feel insecure more often than you may think, which is why you should do your best to remind them that they’re amazing. Sending them a random text while they’re at work, or maybe sending them a gift basket with a card where you’ll write You’re amazing! I love you! Will be all they need to make that today the best one yet. Whispering You’re amazing to their ear while they make dinner to you, and kissing them quickly can turn their average day into a wonderful one. Also, it’ll make them smile so much that you’ll feel so much better as well. Because ultimately, we’re the happiest when our loved one is happy too.

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Treat them with a massage

Have you ever thought about treating your sweetheart with a relaxing spa treatment? How about a massage? Think about scheduling a couple’s spa day at a resort and spend an entire day relaxing, indulging, and spending time together. Alternatively, you can give your loved one a back rub at home, if you’ve noticed that they’ve been strained from work and need a little bit of your attention and soft touch. As long as you pay attention to them, look for the smallest details that may indicate they need you or your care, you’ll be able to surprise them with small signs of affection that will make a lot of difference.

Even the smallest things count

Preparing your darling a hot cup of cocoa or tea when you know they’ve been outside for sometimes, or giving them your jacket when it’s breezy outside is apparently small, but in fact, very important little things that will truly let your partner know you care about them deeply. Tuck them in when they doze off while watching their afternoon show, make them a hot bubble bath to relax in after a long business trip, or simply watch their favorite movie or tv show together, just because you know it will mean the world to them to share what they love with you. Sometimes, even if you don’t enjoy watching Die Hard or Monster-In-Law for the 100th time, it doesn’t mean that you should always disregard it. Love is all about compromises and making people you love feel loved as often as possible.

Final thoughts

Loving someone means sharing your ups and downs, and always being there for one another. Making them happy is just one of the crucial things you should do every day in order to show them how much they actually mean to you. Don’t think the bigger and more expensive the gift, the greater the love. Your sweetheart will appreciate the smallest things the most, so when you think a new briefcase or a new necklace is all they want, think again – making time for them, listening to what they have to say, kissing them when they least expect it, or making them dinner after a long day is something they’ll treasure the most.

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