When on holiday in Bali, one of the things you should definitely look forward to is authentic Bali seafood. Tourists in Bali get an opportunity to indulge in the unique seafood dishes that authentically capture the spirit and culture of the island. Bali has quite a number of seafood restaurants, but, just like everywhere else in the world, the quality of the establishments differ. The following are some tips you should adhere to when trying to find the right seafood restaurant while vacationing in the island.

Quality is your first priority

When looking for the ideal seafood restaurant to indulge in authentic Jimbaran seafood, the quality of the food should be your utmost priority. You need to find a restaurant that is committed to offering its patrons the highest quality of food and drink. Such a restaurant should pride itself in offering only the freshest Jimbaran seafood.

Some people might be tempted to skimp on the freshness of the food in order to save on the cost of eating while vacationing. However, this is not a prudent idea because our stomachs are quite sensitive when it comes to seafood. If the seafood is not as fresh as possible, you might end up suffering from severe health problems. You should always put quality of the seafood before the price, and ensure that you only consume the freshest foods while vacationing in Bali.


When you visit a restaurant, be sure to check out the general hygiene conditions within the establishment. Make keen observations on how clean the members of staff, eating utensils, and restaurant floor are before you decide to order. In addition, have a look at the customer restrooms to determine the level of cleanliness within the establishment.

Compare prices and customer ratings

Several websites offer comprehensive and accurate breakdowns of the prices and quality ratings of restaurants that offer seafood in Bali. A search on the Internet will lead you to some of these websites quite easily, and you will find information on the prices offered by the restaurants, their locations, as well as authentic customer reviews. You can use this information to help you determine the best restaurant in terms of quality, price, and customer care.

Compare menu items

In addition, while researching, you should look for information regarding the menus at each of the restaurants that you are looking into. You can compare menu items served in different restaurants to help you identify the restaurant that has the seafood meals that you would like to indulge in. Pick a restaurant with as much seafood variety as possible in order to ensure that you get a taste of every scrumptious seafood item that the island has to offer.


Another important element you should look out for when searching for the best seafood restaurant in Bali is proximity. You need to pick a restaurant that is physically close to the hotel you are staying in. This ensures that the trip to and from the restaurant is smooth and convenient, and that you do not get lost especially if this is your first time in the island.

In addition, you need to ensure that the restaurant is as close as possible to the actual source of the seafood. The closer the restaurant is to the sea or ocean, the more likely that it will constantly serve fresh seafood.

If you are staying in a luxury resort within Bali, such as the Ayana luxury resort, you do not need to worry about proximity of the seafood restaurant. This is because a resort such as this one has its own world-renowned seafood restaurants, which solves the issue of having the restaurant close to where you are staying. Furthermore, such a resort adheres to stringent industry regulations that require it to source for and use the freshest ingredients for guest meals.

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