The 4 best places to visit in California

California, also known as The Golden State is a very beautiful place that one should visit while they are in The United States. There are many reasons that should make you visit California. From its great and diverse culinary scenes to the vibrant cities, you will truly love the experience. You can hike the trails of the parks, kick back on the many sunny shores or even enjoy the vibrant nightlife. You may actually be spoilt for choice but southern California could be one of the best places to start your visits and journeys. In this article, we shall discuss some of the best places you can visit while you are in California.

Here are the 4 best places to visit in California:

  1. The San Francisco Bay Area

This is a city that is known for its surreal beauty and eclectic culture.  You will enjoy the mystic feeling when you visit the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. The scenery and the stunning views are awesome and as such, as a first-time visitor, you will love the experience. A first time visitor to this place will love the historic neighborhoods due to their multicultural flair. If you love sampling the cuisine, you will love the array of ethnic cuisine and the upscale dining restaurants. San Francisco is one of the best places that one can go for a vacation while in California. You will love day trips and wonderful nightlife.

  1. Los Angeles and Disneyland

This is another very important destination for the people who visit California. This city is the epitome of sunny southern beaches and boulevards that are palm-fringed. There are many things you can see and do in this city. The San Gabriel Museum and Mission church is one very important destination for all the history of Los Angeles. You will also be intrigued by the fact that it is possible to spot Hollywood stars on Rodeo Drive. This is the city that hosts Hollywood and as such, you should pay a visit to this film glamor center. If you have kids, you should take them to Disneyland for all the fun.

  1. San Diego

This is another city that people who visit California should never skip on their trip. With San Diego, there are many things that will attract you to this place. You will love the beaches, the sunshine and the Spanish architecture that dot most of the places. You will love to know that San Diego is lucky to have an all year round balmy climate. There are other attractions that you would love to visit such as Balboa Park and a number of museums, the famous Zoo of San Diego and the Sea World.

  1. Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite National park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a very beautiful natural site that is surrounded by granite cliffs. This site boasts of hiking trails that stretch 800 miles. The Yosemite waterfall is 2,000 feet tall and a grand sight to behold. You will also love the biological diversity of the park.

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