The Best Walking Tour of Beautiful Prague


The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is a vibrant metropolis that is home to an abundance of landmarks and attractions. Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires”, it is filled with historic buildings, major museums, galleries, and other points of interest. This is why it’s not really a surprise that it has gone on to become one of Europe’s most beloved tourist destinations.

While there are plenty of ways to see the best of the Czech capital, nothing beats exploring on foot. There are plenty of tour companies offering guided tours but if you want to save money and make all the decisions, you may opt to do a DIY walking tour of Prague instead. Below is a sample itinerary we’ve put together to try on your next trip to the city.


For the best and most convenient time in Prague, here are some tips to take note of:

  • While there’s really not a bad time to visit the city, consider what type of weather you’d like to experience and plan to go during that season. For instance, if you hate the cold, then you should avoid Prague during the winter as it can really chilly.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing A LOT of walking. Having bottled water with you also helps, especially if you’re in the city during the summer.
  • If you have some large bags and other oversized items with you, you can leave them at a luggage storage locker, found in various areas in Prague. Travel light and enjoy the sights!

DIY Walking Tour Itinerary of Prague

  • Vrtba Garden

Regarded as one of the most beautiful gardens in all of Prague, the Vrtba Garden is the starting point of this itinerary. Located in the city’s lesser quarter, the garden has been around since 1720 and is a great place to visit as it is not crowded by tourists. The area is extremely calm and serene, which makes for a great start to your day. Spend at least an hour here before moving on to your next stop.

  • St. Nicholas Church

Once you’re done appreciating the beauty of the gardens, it’s time to head over to your next stop. Take a left from the garden and walk for about 350 meters until you reach St. Nicholas Church. Another one of the top attractions in Prague’s lesser quarter, St. Nicholas is the most renowned Baroque-style church in the city. Inside, you will find some incredible murals and artwork that depict the saint it was named after. While you’re there, you may even attend a church service.

  • Prague Castle

visit prague

From the church, you need to prepare for a climb up to what is arguably the most recognizable landmark in Prague – Prague Castle. With a size that’s equivalent to about seven football fields, it is the world’s biggest ancient castle and a must-visit when in Prague. Because of its size, the complex of the castle can be confusing. It is recommended to book a guided tour of Prague Castle (which also helps you skip the queues). If you choose not to, there are audio guides to help you navigate through the building.

While you’re at the castle, it would be well worth your time to check out Pražská Čokoláda, also known as Prague Chocolate, which is located right at the stairs. You can sample some delicious sweet treats, particularly their famous almonds coated with chocolate. Also, on your way to the next destination, make a quick stopover at the Golden Lane and check out the various boutiques and artisanal shops in the area.

  • St. Vitus Cathedral

Situated not too far from Prague Castle is your next stop – the St. Vitus Cathedral. This Roman Catholic church is one of the oldest in the country and serves as the home of the Archbishop of Prague. It is also a fine example of Gothic architecture in the Czech capital, dominating the skyline and towering over the city.

During your visit to the church, don’t miss out on the Great South Tower. Although you will have to walk through a narrow staircase with 287 steps, you’ll find that it is well worth the struggle. When you reach the top of the tower, you’ll get a stunning panoramic view of Prague. Not only that, but the tower houses the Zikmund, which is the biggest bell in the city.

  • Lennon Wall

After your time at St. Vitus, you’ll have to make your way back down the hill; along the way, you will encounter the Lennon Wall, which is arguably the most popular graffiti in all of Prague. As its name suggests, the wall is inspired by the famous Beatles member and is filled with lyrics from the band’s most popular songs. The wall serves as both a memorial for Lennon as well as a symbol of the Czech youth’s peaceful and non-violent rebellion against the authorities during the ‘80s.

  • Charles Bridge

prague place

Undoubtedly one of Prague’s most recognizable landmarks and the city’s most famous bridge, the Charles Bridge is a must-see when in Prague. Crossing the Vltava River, the medieval bridge connects Prague’s Old Town with the rest of the city. In this itinerary, you will be walking across the historic bridge, where you get to see some incredible Baroque-style statues and figures along the way.

  • Josefov

Situated between the Vltava River and the Old Town and formerly referred to as the Jewish ghetto, Josefov is a neighborhood that will transport you back in time. The historic quarter has a morbid history; during the 13th century, the Jews were forcefully made to vacate their homes and to settle in the small area now known as Josefov. Today, the charming neighborhood is filled with some cool finds, such as vintage stores, antique shops and more.

  • Old Town Square

The final stop in this itinerary is none other than Prague’s historic center – the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí). This is the most significant and most popular square in the Czech capital and is impossible to miss when visiting Prague. One of the highlights that you shouldn’t miss in the area is the Orloj, otherwise known as the Prague Astronomical Clock. Other key landmarks found at the square include the Old Town Hall, the Church of Mother of God before Týn, and The House at the Minute. It is also the site of Prague’s buzzing markets that pop up during Easter and Christmas.

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