The Future of Transportation: Airpod, The Car That Runs On Air

We all know the fuel that we are currently using for running your cars is unsustainable and there are a lot of creative engineers and many people that are searching for the alternatives. I m sure that you know that there are a lot of electric cars around, there are also some that goes on solar power and many other invention. But have you hear about the car that run on the air. Yes this kind of car is invented and it is so brilliant. Meet the Airpod – modestly priced small vehicle that runs on compressed air only, and whose creators think could be the solution to reduced pollution in urban centers.


Plans to manufacture the vehicle are underway, and a plant is anticipated to open in Hawaii in the near future. The AirPod is a creation of Motor Development International in Luxembourg. Look below this increadibly creative and awesome car. Enjoy!

via Dale Hyde

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